Jim Cramer and Rob Maurer Discuss Tesla's Q1 Earnings


One of the biggest earnings reports to come so far this week has been tesla came last night. Now i want to bring on his various guests raum our host daily and an investor in tesla. Now rob i want to start by discussing tesla's overall earnings which should beat wall street. Expectations and revenue was up. Seventy four percent from a year ago kentucky this momentum going. Yeah definitely think so. I think what we're seeing a little bit of a sell off. Today is probably a lot of excitement than tends to build into earnings and then when there's no massive surprise or something like that. Although tested beat they were driven by some one time items when there's no massive surprise or updated guidance or something like that investors can move onto the next thing but for investors that are willing to take a long-term view on tesla which most people should be this really you know decade-long girl stories. We've talked about. I think you know. There's a lot to be excited about from from their innings. Report yesterday rob. How much did they really make it. Back up the credits. That cup the Yeah so they reported a non gap net income of just over a billion dollars. Half of that was regulatory credits. So about half a billion there One hundred million came from the sale of bitcoin so tests on key one acquired about one and a half billion in bitcoin. They sold about ten percent of their stake. Somewhere around fifty percent profit on on that sale of about one hundred hundred billion or one hundred million there so backing out those things You know they earned about four hundred million dollars but On a non gab basis on a gap baselessly Technically back out the regulatory credits. They still have lost. But that's not a great way to look at it. Tesla has super high stock based compensation right now because of elon. Musk's co compensation plan three hundred million dollars of their stock based compensation. This quarter was because of musk's plan. That's not gonna continue. There's only about seven hundred million dollars left in total on the plan yet to be recognized. So if tesla continues the pace that they were out in key one. That's only gonna continue for a more quarters. And i think over the next few quarters. We're gonna see that decline anyway as It's just gonna take a little bit longer for the rest of that to be recognized.

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