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True story of a japanese big band formed in an internment camp in wyoming during world war. Two and just a quick note there may be some language in the next five hundred of the show. some people might find offensive. The artists singing. The story is julian separately. Also known as no no boy. He's a first generation vietnamese american curious to tell the tale of the best god damn band in wyoming often joke around that i didn't become asian american until i moved to wyoming. But but that's kind of the truth and it's sort of all starts with a picture this projects. No no boy that. I do the song this album. It was a picture in a museum of jazz band but a jazz band with all asian slanty. I've faces like mine faces. I had never seen in the music history books. I studied at my jazz college being a musician. This was kind of a lineage. This was a connection to the past. And in here's this band the georgia will orchestra who formed behind barbed wire in a concentration camp in wyoming. There were the only swing band in the state so aside from playing dances and camp. They tore around and play. Proms and war. Bond drives meet the locals but then after every gig back behind the barbed wire had to find out more about this ban. So i dug up everything i could and track down. The two living members yoneda trumpet player. Sadly has passed on but joy joy. Tara the singer. She's still kicking in hawaii and she's become like family to me. Which is you know the reason why. Perform these songs to tell her story to tell the story of her bandmates because it's a beautiful story within a harsh history. You know and a larger conversation of an asian american story that we haven't talked about enough and and hopefully we are now so you gala and the best god damn band in wyoming the flyer musicians so this track down. The kid who brought trump to pomona bed

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