Sew Maxi for Mother's Day With Teameaka Ray Grover

Stitch Please


We are talking today about so messy for mother's day are so maxie for mother's eight hours tech the to but you are the so maxie for mother's day challenge and i am so happy to have tea in chris bill to talk with us about that today. Welcome fred no we are. Tell tell me a bit about this challenge. Now this is not the first time you have offered the so maxine for mother's day challenge. Tell me how many years have you been doing it. And how did they get started. So i guess. I'll go first and then crystal you can go ahead and to it whenever you lie so we started about so. This is our third year so we started almost three years ago with the challenge. It's been such an amazing experience having this challenge and we are so grateful to be able to do this again. We started this challenge. Couple of years ago because crystal and i wanted to contribute to the song community by participating in some type of challenge when we first started. We didn't exactly know what we wanted to do. Crystal said hey. Why don't we do a maxi just challenge and i thought oh. Wow that would be really interesting. I didn't know exactly how that would hold up year after year. We decided to do it annually but it has been such a wonderful experience. People really love the challenge for crystal. Is there anything you want. How you sent me a message on instagram. And said you wanna do something for mother's day. And i will say oh. Yeah that'll be fun. And i said how about we maxi challenge because everybody loves maxi-dresses 'cause you just throw them on and put some cute sandals on and you just go. Everybody loves maxi-dresses springtime. People wanna get ready to go to the beach in the pool. We just wanna throw on something and get out the door.

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