A highlight from 1541: How to Lose Fat With Calorie Cycling, At-Home Exercises That Increase the Big Lifts, How to Workout When Feeling Run Down & More

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And it's t-shirt time they don't even know. Hey it's also my favorite time of the week. Though it is indeed. We have two winners of one from apple. Podcast one from facebook. The apple podcast winner is mrs yergin and for facebook. We have jesse lee. You're both of. You are winners. Send the name. I just read to i tunes at mine. Pump media dot com. Include your shirt size and your shipping address and we'll get that shirt right out to you. I'm so mad at you. Here's a you know what the listeners this is. What drives me crazy about salary. Or i give them to read to watch anything. You have to trick him into watching or reading dr to put my strategy. Because i've noticed that too and you have to present very specific what you do. Is you send like a message to me in the group threat. So he sees it and you said like hey make sure sal doesn't make sure south are inside read the reverse psychology listen source of tension. Okay hold on first of all. I got a baby at home. The excuse and i get into ship so i might have been in the middle of reading random shit when you sent that. And i can't until i finish bright finish. Okay so like the the economists that i sent over together to listen to it create i know and what does it do. It creates good dialogue that we can all discuss because we watched it. Where now you have to be a part of this conversation because everybody wanted to have a and b conversation wall street. Yes one episode two episodes three. Oh you watched three episodes. I watched most money engaging simply text eight thirty and nine. I told you the day before. I reminded you again. Reminder came to keep reminding you. 'cause i watched the whole thing right so over the last three days so i got to. The part were nowhere. You'll get the first episode. Yeah so you talk about what you know right now so by the way if you haven't seen a wall street and spelled with like wall berge name w. h. a. w. ahl street. It's i someone had told me to watch and it didn't really appeal to me. I'm not really into like following. Celebrities is just not my thing. but but he's handsome said justin bieber. Yeah yes yes. And you know. What i what i what i really liked about. It was it really was just all about his startups. I mean the whole thing is. He's got i think. Eight eight or nine hundred show. Where did you get a chance to watch it or no. I watched the first episode. Yeah you liked it apparel company to sign up for with the hbo. Max signed signed up. Yeah okay so make the leap us adams passcode so he so the whole thing is about and why you wanted to get you to at least three or four because i think justin is right where the pandemic hits right. Yeah so walberg is got his. How many businesses. Because of the well. That's what's interesting so he's got restaurant by the way how. How does this week so funny we were talking trash about. Oh mama bounce all over the place right here because you just reminded me of stuff. F forty five. I got a dm from somebody who worked for them and it was like dude. I'm so disappointed in you and your analysis of a forty-five i said. Well i only have so much information. Because i unlike orange theory which i worked at for two years so i have intimate knowledge of how the company operates and exactly all kinds of information about so i. I don't mind you know talking shit about him. Because i can back it up. I don't have that much detail about f- forty five. I know i know people that work there and have given me with the workouts. Look like yeah. Yeah very vague. But he's like no he's like it is worse than theory. Oh here here's what. I did not know they do that. I cannot i mean brilliant business strategy here terrible for as far as service so they have a virtual trainer that is getting videoed and his teaching the classes on. Tv's in the in there and then that'll one trainer but like multiple locations club. Yes okay. that's like an. Let's say this but let's say it's an awesome trainer. Really whatever whatever then the one person or people they have in studio does not have to be a personal trainer. They're basically forget. I forget what the title. He gives the motivator. Yes it's like no so there's not even account billion bio mechanics or you're not going around like watch you know. This reminds me of. It reminds me of how the massage places took advantage of the law or the massage places said. There's one certified massage therapist. There could be like an unlimited supply of trainees under that person so long in the same rooms right. They can massage so now. You get the foot massage. And it's a bunch of people massaging people for twenty bucks and you can get around the law. This does the same thing. Because it's bril- you have a certified trainer their own virtual and they're teaching all these klatten now. You don't need ten. You don't need more expensive one this in a motivator just one of one of orange theories biggest overheads that they have in this again this because i have intimate knowledge of this business not as much as forty five but i can speculate now on how much money they save because you know that was one of the things that attracted me to a. Ot f was that. I was blown away as you know as a group training a trainer that you can make like seventy to ninety dollars. Allan heard of for your and even higher like if you actually started hitting like where i was like overfilled and classes. Because you get like. Yeah they're paying their trainers will up to four hundred bucks an hour as a group training group training. That was already like map out for you. I mean that's high and so you figure Eight classes a day. You got eight hundred dollars and trainer fees at you're

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