Ernest Hemingway: Hypomania Drove Writing Genius - burst 11



Danny was married to pauline. Who had a lot of money but also he was making a lot of money from his fiction and he did arrange to send his mother a certain amount but he talked about her in this really brutal way and he saw her like twice more he stayed away from her and treated her in this really incredible west telling her that she had to listen to him now because he was in charge and all these like they had this entails like she gave as good as she got. She's like no know forget it. He had her send him the pistol of his father. The pistol that he used and clearly this deeply affected him and he continued to talk about it. He you know it's not until nineteen forty when he's writing for whom the bell tolls. But the protagonist. The father kills himself and throws the pistol into the lake let he really speaks of the pistol and clearly this is something that continues to be on his mind and again woven into his stories. Guns remained central to his life. You know i on the cover my biography. There's a photo him pointing a gun at whoever's looking at the photo and people preston. I really questioned it too. I didn't use it. my editor. Chosen it and you know. There are a lot of reasons not to somebody invoked school shootings in d really. Wanna have anything related to I saw really that his life had been all about guns. He manages to get his fishing boat. Outfitted with military weapons in the beginning of world war. Two that he he then goes around looking for german spies for german u boats but he also alone sort of inevitably. He was into deep sea fishing and the photo him on my cover. Who's on a boat. He actually shot sharks and machine gun sharks. He was driven had gone the another classic for psychology. Of course that penis and that's absolutely part of it not to get too reductive audience. But he does seem pretty consumed with as you said behaving a phallic manner. I should be admired but as you said also very consumed with this ballot. Object of destruction which had played such a tragic role in his life in terms of his father but also meant something to him in terms of his bravado. Let's say and unfortunately at the same time that he is demonstrating this unbelievable talent. I mean we're really

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