Episode 253 | Storytelling: It's a Small World - burst 09


Their best to replicate it exactly the way that she drew it which is probably hard. Because she wasn't there to kind of give it a glance over. We mentioned that really crump designed the toys so she would draw these toys. You know with the colors is everything that you would see enrolling. It would have to take that picture in turn it into the actual toy and he said that he was very particular about trying to make sure that it was just the way that she wanted it like. He didn't take his own artistic liberties but she drew it. He made it kind of thing that brings up a good point or something. I wanted to talk about before we leave. This section on the world's fair you talk about really crump and his basically his interpretations of mary blurs artwork and it did translate to the toys or that's not the only thing that he did for the world's fear he also worked on the outside facade and this giant sculpture that they had called the tower of the four winds and so this is one of the biggest difference between the world's fair version and the disney version. The world's version did not have the big face clock and the big facade that we see now and instead had this tower of the four winds and designed by rowley but is so mary blair esque it. Hits you in the face so i just think it's so interesting that they had worked so long on this together also so long so intensively intensively i guess is the better word that he almost adopted her style in a way and was able to translate that to this outside sculpture so i highly recommend

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