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The overnight and chilly temperatures by early tomorrow morning on Lee in the forties. What feels like readings out to the west in the upper thirties for tomorrow, Partly sunny can't rule out a chance for an isolated shower to mate leader in the afternoon. 58 to 63 degrees. Mostly cloudy and dry on Saturday will be in the lower to middle sixties a chance for a shower too. On Sunday, I'm seven news meteorologist Steve Urban. The Storm Watch seven Weather Center. Right now It's 63 degrees trapping with brought you by express employment professionals, express employment professionals matches people with the right skills with the right jobs from the production floor to the front office to find the Right person for your job You can't beat expresses incredible Local support visit. Express pros dot com to find a location near you don't loose but trading group show Saturdays had three PM on W. M. A L learn How you can earn a full time income is a short term trader. That's the trading group show Saturdays at three p.m.. The question line is 888646 87 87. Introducing all new pretty play games from the Virginia lottery know the fastest way to play for a chance to win instantly And there are brand new games prime for printing. What do we got? What we got? We got Bull's eye. Bingo, rock and bigger Lucky Been going gold bar. Bingo to name a

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