Mother's Day Picks we Love (April's Eco Picks)


Mother's day is just around the corner friendly. Psa it's on. Sunday may ninth and besides being a great reminder to celebrate the most important women in your life it is also a day when we as consumers spent a lot of money in this episode. Laura and i share our favorite. Apple's echo product fines and give you creative ideas for waste free and planet. Friendly mother's day gives aura. Hey how's it going good ed. I'm excited to do another of our favorite kind of episode serious right our eco-friendly peaks in products. And right now. We are in april and the where lesin a month away from the second biggest holiday of the year. i guess after christmas of course It's mother's day and yeah just wanted to share you guys know me a whenever we talk about this high spending holidays. I love to share with you. Some data numbers and are on average. According to national regional duration. People up lending spent two hundred and five dollars. Mondays ski gifts and celebrations. So that's that's not a little for a of the us and so there's going to be a lot of spending and is a reminder. Every dollar he spent is a vote for the kind of world. You want to leave it. So let's get into alfred products curated by laura. Yeah and i feel like mother's day. I mean it's just totally depending on your family like how much you celebrate it growing up. I think we we did more for my mom what i was like at home. But i'm excited to you know. I always love to send flowers that are from eco-friendly brands. We talk about that a little bit. But we're also gonna talk about like some ruffy physical stuff. So yeah you want to get a start at liza. Yeah starting without favorite pedagogy. You guys are ready. It's kitchen so yeah one of the things that i have been really experimenting with this year is trying to defend olive oils You know we're cooking oil especially extra virgin olive. Oil is extremely extremely healthy. You can actually cook with it pretty much anything unless you like deep frying their this kind of a myth that you know obviously you. You should not be using it. It's very high temperatures but actually most of the day to day cooking. You're not using this Extremely high temperatures at you cannot use olive oil and again oil extroversion. Wine is one of the most Healthy olive oil auctions. You can

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