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Charlotte her ep. The shape of wandering is a sonic adventure. I'll add this. And all the songs on the show as i do every week to my playlist which you can find by searching bob boylan on apple music and spotify and i encourage you to add the entire ep. Charlotte jacobs to your playlist. The song you heard is called where you want me to and that video charlotte described can be seen on the all songs considered site. I post videos for all the songs in the show on the all songs considered page onto new music. Now from an old favourite damian gerardo damian's been credibly productive in these pandemic times. Some of the inspiration comes from his late friend and producer. Richard swift damian has a lot to say about. The sound of this. New album called the monster who hated pennsylvania. And i'll play. The song called tom the song tom's loosely based on a conversation i had with my friend suffering. Oh ramos who is a multi instrumentalist and singer songwriter. And the some the lines in the song are taken from a conversation that we had regarding state of music and songwriters in general. That's early others to say about the actual lyrics of the song which is loosely based on a conversation i had i do. Wanna talk about the instrumentation. The album for years. I recorded so much music with my late friend. Richard swift. In the years. I spent with him recording records. It was very much soaked and reverb and a lot of effects which i loved but i remember. I think it was when we were recording visions of us in the land. The last record. I did richard and we were talking about going in a completely different direction with the sound of the record which was more of a drier sound and we started talking about some of our favorite dry records. A few lou reed selections from albums. Like sally can't dance and the bells but we talked about how you know how. Great it sounded. Have the contrast of some of these songs which were very flushed out these very dry vocals to them so in some ways which and i had always planned on doing albums that were the opposite audibly different than what we were known for. Which was this cavernous reverb sound. So in some ways. I'm sort of carrying on the tradition. That richard had originally had planned to do together. But i love the love. The bass playing on the song is done. The bass player on this album is Really good friend. And also actually a friend of richard's named josh gordon. Another thing that you'll notice about tom to is the very end of the song. It might be a little bit of karaoke and the fact that there's no singer at the end. There's no grande finale. Which most songs instrumentally have when the vocals drop out. You're just left with the instrumental part. There's no solo. there's no altro. there's no bridge. There's no real ending to the song it's just the bass and the drums and rhythm guitar which is played by me but you could barely hear it. All the base is really the main instrument on this album. That's the the entire Story behind tom on this album. The moscow pennsylvania and. That's it

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