NFTs and the music business

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Listeners. Mike snyder here. And i'm brett molina. Welcome back to talking tech. Recently you may have heard us talk about. Nfc's and they are still going strong bread. I think in a ps are here to stay as you reported two weeks ago. We've had all kinds of teas after you just hearing about them enough. Tease stanford non fungible tokens. That's a fancy way of saying something that is unique and irreplaceable digital ledgers. Or blockchain are used to authenticate whatever the nf is or whatever the collectible it is time to now. Some of the wild things we've seen purchased are nba video. Highlights jack door. She's i tweet. A piece of digital art for seventy million dollars and the rock band kings of leon did an nf t special vinyl copies of its latest album now other artists are getting into into the to lindsay lohan. Who i have to admit i forgot. She had put out some pretty popular music in the past is oxygen in often. New single called lullaby snoop dogg in the weekend of tweeted up there looking at music in peace but i just did a story on an artist named shantelle. She hails from barbados. She might remember her. R&b pop hits impossible t shirt while she's making a comeback after her record label contract expired and she's hoping us enough t as a way to maintain some power and control over her music. For her new single has party she's auctioning off the ability to have your name included in a special recording of the song and you could be one of three bidders to have your likeness included in special versions of the cover art of the single which will be signed an authenticated in

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