Groups rush to get Florida farmworkers vaccinated


Florida foam workers rights groups. Say it's urgent. That former workers be deemed essential and governor rod. The sentences covid nineteen vaccine. Roll up plan the groups but their views in a letter to the governor in january calling for better healthcare for farm workers and asking that all incoming temporary nonimmigrant workers arrive vaccinated or be vaccinated. I in the us. Mariana blanco with the guatemalan. Mayas center. says they also want to see an expansion of covid nineteen testing sites since many are inaccessible to these workers. If the health department would provide us the vaccines and a mobile clinic we'd be able to have volunteers and registered nurses but we already have context of and we'd have all the translators and we'd just go directly to the field and vaccinate the farmworkers lanka says those and opposition assume farm workers won't want to be vaccinated or that doses couldn't be kept cold enough in mobile settings. According to the guatemalan maya center six hundred farmworkers and families regularly tested for covid nineteen one night a week had a thirty percent infection rate on akilah savage

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