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States is under review at the us supreme court in a case that could have significant implications for the second amendment right to bear arms and the coliseum in rome is set to get a new floor will bring you. The gladiators view of the world's most story landmarks before the end of the program monaco's editors and correspondents are here to discuss those stories today. Here on the late edition on monocle. Twenty four hallo that a very warm welcome. Teach the late edition here on monocle. Twenty four it is tuesday. The fourth of may and i'm thomas lewis here in toronto and with us today to cast. Their expert is across some of the day's news articles europe editor at large at stocker. He's in milan forest and from new york. City monica's correspondent henry reese sheridan henry. Add great to have you both with us on the program today. We are the start of another week just about. So how things shaping there in milan. So far it Very good thank you. I've just have a quick gulp The of this week over two too late coma for a pace for our sister publication which is of course comfort magazine. So i wasn't hanging out with george clooney But i i wasn't listing a very lovely coma hotel For the next issue off dot com fact magazine and so of enjoying some wondering around the lake So very nice to be there and get out of the big smoke for day on now you back in a milan but it was nice to get a bit of a lake. Air for a day certainly sounds delicate postcards. And how things are shaping. A few there in new york couldn't be better to be on the thomas. I am gonna second jab last night. Congratulations henry thank you very much So i'm feeling in a word. Immune city field to the home of the mets baseball baseball team and received a baseball themed sticker saying that i've been immunized so that was a bonus to be not the main point of going there but certainly welcome bonus they love a stick here in the states. Then they just love a job. You voted yet sticker everything and to be on his dad's what's not to love indeed two hundred and one of the biggest vaccination centres. Here is the biggest theme park in canada. Which is about an hour away from toronto. So i'm hoping when my time comes. I get to show up. Then they'll be fun theme park themed stickers but i shall keep you posted on that. I knew sheridan in new york. And that stuck in malahide greater. Have you both with us on the program today. India's leading opposition leader rahul. Gandhi has called for an immediate national lockdown as the crisis brought about by second wave of corona virus infections continues to deepen official figures from india claim that more than two hundred and twenty thousand people have now died and twenty million infections have been recorded but there is a widely held belief that both of those figures are significantly lower than the actual toll covid nineteen has taken in india. So far monaco's health and science correspondent. Chris smith explained some of the reasons the current situation in india for us on the briefing. Today it's made difficult in india for a of different reasons. Not just numerical ones. Population is the big problem. One point three plus billion people in the country but fifty percent of them have no toilet and if you use access to a toilet as a proxy for living standards. This is very much a work to live. Society of very divided society of very impoverished society for many of those one point three billion people. So when you have public health maneuvers like being used in britain to control the problem. Stay at home. Quarantine yourself you can't do that in places like this and when you've got people living in the sorts of population densities the some people being forced to live in then as soon as you get one case we know the vast majority of cases of crony of ours transmission occur in the domestic setting. Because where you spend most of your time where do you spend your closest personal contact time with others where you spend time eating sleeping and so on. It's in the high so unsurprising if you've got lots of people and very high density in relatively poor living conditions you can get lots of cases and people can't afford to then is late themselves to stop themselves giving it to other people because then another problem kicks in. They go bankrupt. They can't afford to eat. And then of course their children suffer. No one's gonna let that happen. So as a result it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy dr chris. smith monaco's health and science correspondent speaking to us on today's edition off the briefing. A henry spoken several times in the program about the international aid. This being pledged to india. Do we have a sense at this stage of active international aid. That has been arriving so far has been in the current situation in india. The international aid has helped significantly but there there have been impediments to its effectiveness. The biggest impediment isn't actually the necessarily a shortage of any given resource but the infrastructural resources as are required to disperse them. Distribute them over the country. Indie obviously is a vast vast country with an enormous population most of its oxygen manufacturing facilities. Were in the south of the country and that creates a shortage or has led to a shortage in the north of of the country and it is very difficult to get the oxygen there quickly enough. The air force has been enlisted to carry cannisters up to the north but there are vast swathes of the country which which are not served particularly well by road networks for example and this is a major impediment to getting the aid which is coming into the country to to where it's needed. Interestingly to fill some of these gaps in terms of coordination of the distribution of aid organic networks of a have have have popped up on social media both

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