A highlight from Kara Collier: How to Use Technology to Quantify Health & Improve Habits


Hey folks this is james. Thanks so much for joining us on the fat burning man show where we talk about real food and real results. Have you ever tried measuring your blood glucose. There's never been a better time to use cutting edge technology to quantify and optimize your health but instead of jumping straight into invasive dystopia and technology like brain implant to turn a straight into the board. We can use tech as a tool to improve our habits. It doesn't have to be overly complicated. And it's quickly becoming easier and cheaper to track heart rate variability sleep quality fitness blood sugar and much more. But what's most important is how we use our data to modify our daily practices so joining us on the show. Today is cara. Collier a registered dietitian nutritionist certified nutrition support clinician and the director of nutrition. At neutra. sense where she's also a leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring or cgm technology. But before we get there. Here's a note and a question that came in from stacey who's been crushing it in the wild challenge. She says hi able. I feel good. I am down seventeen pounds in just forty five days so awesome more importantly my clothes fit better and i just feel so much better. I've been following you for quite a few years and really enjoy your podcast as well. I have a quick question when you have a sec. I do intermittent fasting just about every day as i'm just not hungry in the morning. I really restrict carbs not veggies though. And sometimes i just feel either really tired or really hungry. I skip my weekly cheat meal too. I think about a sweet potato with butter. L. any thoughts okay. Stacey on thrilled with your results thanks so much for writing in and that is an excellent question. I actually get it quite a lot. So with intermittent fasting and carb restriction certainly calorie restriction. Sometimes those things go together if you follow that road too far if you do those things too hard or too long then you can run out of gas and sometimes hormones can down regulate i know if i go too long to low carb experience. A lot of the same feelings like hunger is in check. I don't have the energy that i otherwise would and so there's nothing wrong with a sweet potato. Repeat and keep in mind. We'll we'll discuss on this show that certain carbs and starches sugars affect people completely differently. So keira on this show sweet. Potatoes sent her blood glucose straight to the moon whereas i've done some experiments and sweet potato seem fine for me at least so far so experiment with different carbs. Don't be afraid of getting in a nice balance of macro especially on a cyclical basis. I like doing carb feeds post workout. That's when you're going to be in the best state to accept those carbs sugars into your muscle and liver glycogen stores. So there are ways to go about this where you can eat your carbs and still maintain a great lifestyle and also body composition. don't be afraid of carbs. I know that kito has been the craze for the past few years. But it's not necessarily the answer not for everyone one quick little tip you'd like to reduce the glycemic load of starches when you're eating the make sure to do. The low temperature methods more like the steaming boiling as opposed to frying and baking the high temperature methods. That's going to have a more favorable effect on your system from a blood sugar point of view. We'll in a lot more on this show but anyway thank you for the question and if you folks out there you'd like to join us in

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