A highlight from Oral Tips and (Not) Faking Orgasms w/ The LadyGang


I hear from justice. Many many wants expert of their partners or women do so we are the ones perpetuating all these beliefs. That like women are more frigid. Men want sex all the time which is so not so not the case. The is upset. Is that our sacred by. You're listening to sex with emily. I'm dr emily. And i'm here to help you prioritize your pleasure and liberate the conversation around sex today. I'm joined by the fabulous entertaining house of the lady gang. Kelty night becca tobin inject vanik and we discussed a lot of things we cover a lot. How sexes changed during the pandemic tips for amazing nipple. Play ways to give a killer blow job. I always say oral sex on a penis but hey they asked for it. We also talked about the different kinds of desire the best ways to clean your sex toys my most common listener questions and what happens when. Tsa pulls out your bag full of vibrators side note. I just got back from vacation. And i did drop my nipple clamps in the las vegas airport. I also answer your questions. About how birth control can affect your sex drive hot. Let your partner know you've been faking orgasms. Say no to fago and listener's experience hurting his penis during doggy style. Alright intentions with emily for each episode. I start off by setting an intention. And i encourage you to do the same. So when you're listening what do you want to get out of this episode. How could it help you mind. Tension is for you to hear some other. Women share their own vulnerabilities. So you feel less alone all right. Mother's day is this weekend. And i have

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