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Baylor's defense is excellent, but didn't cause those two layups to be missed. Obviously, Gonzaga cannot afford that. Four for four by the way. In the three point line for the Bears. Flagler called from found Gonzaga will inbound in them are top of the key to give to Suggs. Suggs around Timmy screen picked up by a bomb on a switch ball knocked out of his hands by farm. A diving board on the floor. Subs gets it back, triples it out. Timmy Timmy on the deck grabbing for it scooped up as well. By Macy O T. That's gonna be a tie up. That's gonna be a turnover. Baylor's getting the basketball back bodies all over the floor. And the energy that Jim Jackson's been talking about all night on display again for the team in Green and gold turn over six right but the activity to the ground first I mean, just sheer determination. Talked about the Baylor defense. Ah, well, it is how great it is. It's don't have definitely showing up this evening TV on the right hand wing, go back it out to Mitchell now back to take 15 to shoot against Timmy tee. Launches a three over to me only hits it again five for five for the nation's best three point shooting team think that their largest lead in 1929 to 10 Through Timmy. Just trying to right. The ship. Lost the dribble, gets it back, runs it up and lays it in. And that stopped the six Oberst why they make a lay up right there. I didn't know if you would have considered teach shot a good shot. It was kind of early in the clock. Just kind of said I'm relatively open. Let me take this, but Splashed Mitchell. Left hand dribble middle of the floor. 9 28 remaining and or Baylor, first half 29 to 12 teeth. Around the screen. Timmy on him. Four to shoot T toe work. Teague to the free throw line runner, banked it off the window. No good rebound. Tipped out of bounds by Drew, Timmy and Baylor gets another chance. But dribble penetration bought Timmy out of the lane. Now bottle had an opportunity to get his hands on it. So if you're gonna get beat off dribble You're gonna expect more offensive rebounds by Bailey. They switched outside and you had the big setting the screen in the pick and roll. So Timmy ended up on the smaller guy. Good patients coming in. Mark Vital has really been active on the offensive glass. Mitchell will inbound it now the butler. What? We're working against Antoine, Anton Watson, Watson Watson off Butler, and the foul is called on Watson. He had traveled on the sideline, and Watson picks up the personal foul. I just thought it was a great defensive play by Watson. Itwas Randy McCall, I thought was just gonna call out of bounds. And it went off the Baylor players, so his choices either give the ball of Baylor calling files. I thought it should have been Gonzaga Ball. Mitchell off the inbound toe Butler in the corner. We've got a whistle and a foul is he launches the three that foul going underneath against flow thumb BA, and that's a turnover back to Gonzaga. No shot foul. 1st and 29 12 Baylor, Gonzaga with the ball. Only the second turnover for Baylor that one setting the screen it was going to yield. The three point shot. Their subs. Dropping it off for Timmy, Driving down the right side of the lane misses the layup under great contest ball, not free. Butler's Got it. And Here comes Bailey with the basketball Mitchell navigating up the floor leaves it for Butler trailing three left wing that short rebound subs and now subs wants to run sucks up the floor bull in his hand, No look pass to Timmy and a two and flush the beautiful thing about that baby on. Mitchell was trying to set up another charge opportunity. On Jalen SUBS, but he was under control when he made the past did a smart thing. And as soon as he made the passes, Step side race, take the whistle out of the referee's mouth. Teague holding at the top of the key against Kiss Brooke Teachable crossover gets kissed, Put on his hip runs it in off the window and good point kiss bird having trouble staying with him right now, 31 14 Baylor by 17, and we've got a whistle and in all offensive foul away from the ball, Drew Timmy got tangled up underneath with Flo Thumb. BA picks up his first personal foul and a turnover back. It goes to Baylor seventh Gonzaga turnover. Of this first half. Yeah, two players that are really having trouble guarding and not surprisingly, when they're switched on to the ball him and Drew Timmy Or Cory Kiss Bert and Bill is recognizing that and just driving what they consider a mismatch eight minutes to play first half and it has been all Baylor from the jump. 31 14 Mitchell jumps a pass into the right corner. Meyer Fakes. The three kicks it back out. Right Wing Butler. Three rims out. No good rebound and a foul is gonna be called Meyer crashing the glass inside. Suggs was under there. Who's gonna get the foul? It will be Against? I believe John What? Joshua of Baylor, who picks up the personal foul Gonzaga basketball time out in India. 31 14 Baylor Bears will lead you're listening to the men's basketball National championship on the Westwood one in CIA radio network. The for gotten poor in need

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