Royal Navy jet crashes in Cornwall


Jet grounded after royal navy pilots survive. Crash in cornwall and this is from the times while it remains inappropriate to comment on the ongoing investigation. Further technical advice has enabled the chain of command make appropriate decisions on the continuing safety assessments of the wider fleet. What am i reading. Doesn't make any sense. Consequently the orient has resumed. Hawk won t one hundred update. Jeff oh it's an update. Thank you thank you liz. We'll have come out. There did say update at say update their. I skip that. I wasn't paying attention to that. So it's basically saying. After the fact the readiness is professional podcast. Costa we have in charge of this director. That's in my ear right now. Is trying to explain what i was just reading and just threw me completely by surprise. Anyway let me start with the The top where should have started here. The royal navy and raf have grounded forty four. Their hawk jets after one crashed in cornwall. Yesterday to pilots were forced to check from the royal navy aircraft moments before crashed into woodland navy. Sources said that the flying of the t. one variants of the jet had been temporarily paused. The cause of the crash was investigated. The grounded jets comprised eight used by the royal navy. Twenty two by the raf and fourteen by the red arrows Many of them they had in their inventory. They had to get rid of because they found out that captain anderson had actually piloted them but Anyway the minute ministry of defence said that the cause of the crash will be investigated. Safety is our paramount concern. The rif has decided to pause. Hawk t one operations as a precautionary measure. We will review the situation. As further information becomes available. The jet was on. Its way to take part in training exercise known as thursday war in which royal marines ships and aircraft. Carry out war games

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