Design - Improve your communication


But year eleven. I didn't bring my books to school. Lack my designed books and just doing all let harm but it's so helpful getting other peoples advise and it makes you feel a lot more confident. I was very much to shy away and hide my way. I can hide everything and then just have the load on myself and stress about it but it's so beneficial to live talk and like show people what you're struggling with and really rage out. And that's something. I learned throughout you twelve and i benefited from it. Soy madge which was right. So yeah it helped me with my procrastination a lot because i was more upfront and like taking our initiative of it like i was like i haven't done this yet i don't know what to do. I'm stressing out a bit. And i'm kind of falling behind. And then they would like accommodate man. Help me which was so great. Because

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