Is Mac Jones a Good Fit For the Patriots?


But at some point in time whenever Mac Jones is ready, he is going to be able to operate the full facilities of the Patriots offense, which Cam Newton was never able to do last year, I don't care what was around him. Mac Jones is one of the most advanced. I didn't get a chance to ask Bill. This question in the press conference. I wanted to But Mac Jones is probably the most advanced college quarterback in terms of pre-snap checks reads, all this stuff. All the mental song that goes on at the line of scrimmage I have not seen or heard of a quarterback as advanced at Mac Jones in terms of what his level of experience is. And I think that it's just citing to me. It's probably exciting to Josh McDaniels. It's probably exciting to the Patriots that eventually at some point in time. Mac Jones is going to be able to do a lot of the stuff at the line Shack on. Brady could do. I'm not saying everything. I'm not saying that he is Tom Brady, but just to be able to say, all right, we see this defense, we're going to check out of this, this guy is Advanced Beyond almost all college quarterbacks you. You talk to people around the Alabama program, and they talk about how smart he is. They talk about how he's been teaching the Alabama offense, to Bill, O'Brien wage, Down there, so right? Just in terms of all that, that's a great basis and it's something that the Patriots lacked, whether it was Cam Newton or Jerry students. Did them coming from the Baylor offense home and the Auburn offense, Mac Jones can do everything that the Patriots need to have done at the line of scrimmage and that is a huge key component in this offense and they got a guy who can do that.

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