Election Conspiracies Live on With Audit by Arizona GOP


I'm Julie Walker months after former president trump's defeat Republicans in Arizona are challenging the outcome as they embark on an unprecedented effort to audit the results in the state's most populous county the state Senate use its subpoena power to take possession of all two point one million ballots in Maricopa county and the machines that counted them along with the hard drives they've handed the materials over to cyber ninjas a tech firm with no election experience run by a man who shared unfounded allegations of election fraud the process is alarming some who fear the auditors are not up to the job and will undermine faith in democracy on Friday cyber ninjas began a manual recount a day after Democrats asked the judge to put an end to the audit the judge ordered the company follow ballot and voter secrecy laws and turn over written procedures and training manuals before hearing Monday he offered to pause the count over the weekend if Democrats posted a one million dollar bond to cover added expenses but the party declined I'm Julie Walker

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