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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportively. Joe it's up to you how much you give. And there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the short description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided been journal and admission sequence. Uh nuts three to report report. It feels good. I once again. Thank you for joining us. This is the space nets podcast episode. Numba two hundred and forty four. Oh my goodness. I was listening to someone the other day. Scott about the ram two hundred episode of whatever podcast. They do one of the one of the australian national television networks. We've done two hundred episodes two hundred and forty three point one. Yes got a lot more than us. Could all over any second andrew. Both well as possible. Yes and of course you heard from him already you my partner in crime professor fred. What's earn. hello morning andrew. how are you today. I am well sir. We're anticipating rain. It's going to be very windy for the next week with rich. That time of the year with the wind starts to whip up as the season changes. We find this. Tom of you very very windy so not looking forward to that. I'm not a win. I and i have paint win. One person like a bit of wind. We've come the rain already. Shows going through from get it before us. Well it's coming coming in from coming in from central australia. So it's coming in from the northwest out of out of queensland and in fact the system that's coming through is crossing the entire continent which is extraordinary. Don't usually see that kind of system but yes indeed. We're looking forward to this. It'll just i think. A lot of places are going to get their monthly average in the next two dice which is certainly broken. The drought now coming up on this episode of space. Nuts fred. we're going to discuss the probability that esther royds could be quite common. Not just the one or two space duties we're going to. We're getting dumped on from a great height as it turns out there's also a new twist on super messy. Yeah sorry about that new twist on supermassive black holes and we're going to tackle a couple of questions someone's asked a question about planet nine and spiral galaxies. It's all on space nuts this week and thank you for joining us by the way but before we get to all of that fred. little update on nasa's perseverance rover. Has it moved another two and a half meters. Perhaps no move yet again. But what they've done now is six and a half meters come on. What more do you want birdie around the globe. That's what i want. I think they'll be coming. I'm sure so what we've seen. Though is the testing out of facility. Which is really super impressive. It's got a name that super as well as call super cam and cam is is mounted on the on the master of of perseverance and swivel around. Look at things but it can do five different sorts of analysis. Whatever it's looking at two to study the geology of miles and basically it'd be one of the things that will assist scientists in choosing what samples to to cash in order that they can be brought back to a later on so they'd be doing health checks on super can an all it systems. An apparently everything is in super-duper working you order one of the things that's super camp. Is that microphone that we heard sound from before you remember. We heard the sound of the wind on not after touchdown. Actually we got that recording. They've they've recorded something a little bit more. Earth like the the sound of their lasers upping the rocks because this super cam has a laser zaps the rocks. And what you do is then the sort of little plume of gas. That comes off. The rock is allies by the instruments on board so there is a confirmed. Yes it's iraq. We talk but is it contains all those building blocks of life that we're looking for and perhaps satan signs of me nonsense and things of that sort of proteins anyway. That's very exciting. But an unnecessary tend to recording of the laser zapping the rock. Which you don't have to hand. But i can tell you what it's like because i can do it. It just goes.

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