‘Whole Generations Of Fathers’ Lost As COVID-19 Kills Young Latino Men In New York City Area


19 death in New Jersey. Over the past year, more than 23,000 people have died of the virus in the Garden state. Open. 19 has devastated older populations. But it has cut some young lives short to hitting working age Latino men hardest there more than seven times as likely to die of the virus than young white men in New Jersey. And they make up nearly half of the deaths among those aged 18 to 49. Today. W N Y sees Cameron He brings us the story of a young father and the four Children he left behind Elizabeth Johanna Moranis is walking Tommy pretending white ships to pass in a super car wash. Its offer one and nine in the city that shares her name Elizabeth, New Jersey. Red Car wash. Sign closed driver speeding past auto body shops and liquor stores, The car wash. Takes up an entire street corner. It's a great building with a small convenience store and a garage for quick oil changes. Elizabeth's dad used to work here. It's right next to her house. We were calling and I and asked him to get us a nice girl. Some days, she and her brothers would bring her dad beef Patties or pizza from the take out spot across the street. When the line of cars cleared out at night they play We were going by the oil change and just place offer with them. Other kids had a backyard. Elizabeth and her brothers had the car wash or write our bikes around the car wash. Well, he's Cleaning or working. But now Elizabeth's childhood playground is a reminder that her father is gone. Reynaldo Hahn Oh, died of covert 19 in December. He was 44. He likely caught the virus while working just steps away from where he lived with Elizabeth Smother along with their four Children, two cats a bird and got me in this house and knowing that She's no open up or to look outside. Let's see that he's not working there anymore, Huh? No, is one of 361 Latino men under 50, who have died of covert in New Jersey. Over. 19 told Hispanic men twice as much as young black men and seven times that of young white men were losing whole generations of Father's. Stephanie Silveira is an epidemiologist for Montclair State University, she says. Not only are Latinos overrepresented in essential work there historically, the least likely to have access to care. Health disparities have long been written off by people as the result of bad behavior, right and I think we'll call that is really highlighting in a way that cannot be ignored is that a lot of these disparities are systemic inequality. Hana started washing cars more than 20 years ago, when he first arrived from Mexico. He started at a car wash in New York City until it closed after 9 11. That's when Johanna across the New York Harbor and the New Jersey State line to settle and Elizabeth slice of Americana. Frank are goatee. Frayer is a history professor at Kean University just outside Elizabeth. He says immigrants have long settled in New Jersey's fourth largest city, where housing is cheaper, and transportation is more accessible fifties after World War, two industries moved out of the cities, places like Elizabeth, you know, saw an outflow of population. And then they were replaced by immigrant groups are goatee. Frayer says the jobs that many

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