#TSP117 - Niamh Algar - burst 06


I think it's just kind of reminding your south you go into this you go into industry and you can also get yourself is of us so you're not stalk it's just you also have to count your blessings the fact that you are in different country working as just a huge positive fear and you're earning money then okay right? Maybe use that money that you can lawyer bites over. And then they'll have a holiday. You just have to look at the positives in that way and go and you'll be born the whole off your mates to be like y'all got nutty Chop so much thank you know. So you're saying a part of the world that you might not say now for that job. Yeah I remember thinking when I was. I was in India for the first time and I was trying to acclimatise not NERVA aberthaw. The India would have been a destination that would have gone to for reasons.

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