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11 Trivia Questions on The Book of Mormon



Could be and welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out. My show comes out every single day and you can watch it on Youtube or listen on your favorite podcast APP. I'm read a book right now. It's called rocket to the morgue. I thought it would give it a quick plug. It is an old book from the fifties or sixties and. It is a locked room mystery if you don't know what that is. That's where the person was murdered in a room where seemingly nobody could come in or out and this was written by Anthony Boettcher or butcher. B O U C H. E. R. And it is an American mystery classic according to Otto Pens Ler presents. That's on top of the book I'm almost done with. I got sixty pages left. I had no idea who killed this guy and it's weird because the guy didn't die got stabbed and they thought he was dead but then he like woke backup. So it's very interesting but if you like murder mysteries checkout rocket to the morgue and if you love books reading we have brand new e Book Club over on Patriot at the fifteen dollar or higher level Patriot dot com slash trivia with buds. If you want to find out more about all the rewards you can get for supporting this show monetarily every single month and I think I have picked the book. I have it open on my computer. Here I can tell you about it. It is called recur. Shen by Blake Crouch and it is a three hundred twenty four page novel with one thousand. Four hundred and thirty-three ratings four and a half stars and you'll get that e book if you want to read that along with our book club. We'll be talking about it over on the discord APP chat. It seems like an short read fund thriller and I think it's being made into a movie or an HBO series Blake Crouch if you know that name also created wayward pines. If you read those books or watch the Fox Show. I really liked season. One of Wayward Pines and the idea. There's a twist m night Shyamalan produced the show and there's a Sham Shamal Emma ding-dong type twist that blows you away at the end of the first season so Read the books or check out the first season wayward pines and then also joined the book club in read recurs with us over on Patriots. Today's episode is about the book of Mormon the musical and not the actual book and it is a fun Broadway. Show if you've never seen it it is one of the to Broadway shows. I've seen I've seen the wicked which doesn't give him much street cred in the world of stage shows but I saw it at the pantages in Los Angeles probably five years ago and it was great. I loved it. I wasn't blown away by it but I thought it was a really funny show. And worth all the hype. So we have eleven questions for Mo- Martinez who picked that topic as a patriot. Subscriber at five dollars or more. He gets to pick a topic. We do every single month. And he's got some other good ones in the works He had the book of Mormon next month. Because it is April he has wrestlemainia which is perfect and then after that is Pokemon evolutions. I've been playing that. New POKEMON SWORD UNINTENDED SWITCHED WITH MY DAUGHTER. Annabel and so far so good. So that is it for the intro. We're going to jump into these eleven questions written by Mike. Maximum Chuck who's been a great contributor to the show. Thank you Mike. I appreciate it. We're GONNA do those eleven questions right now. Here we go all right here. We go book of Mormon it Trivia the musical Mike says Ding Dong. Enjoy these ten questions about the musical. The book of Mormon. Here's number one. What actor played Arnold in the first Broadway production of the show question number one? What actor played Arnold and the first Broadway production of the shell.

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11 Trivia Questions on The Book of Mormon

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