Interview With Shashwat Gupta Altcoin Buzz Co-Founder & CEO


Very interesting questions because you you're at a Singapore. I live here so you seem quite good. Quite a bit with the spice from NBA's I started Auburn bus. Jeff back in the middle of two thousand seventeen. The goal was always to have a channel where we put out our opinions. I always like doing research always like making content so we combined forces love almost two and a half years down the line now. We had a team of thirty people creating content to be not super biased base. Talk differently from where we started which was just for fun. It's become a more serious business. Now is the first VICI into the character in the space. Yes actually in the early two thousand seventeen I wanted to do something in the crypto space when I found out about it and like there are a few options that you can do here is get people to fund into an ICU. Which made no sense to me at least like for me. I was like you take people's money. Then what you do with it and the coin doesn't make any sense so that was an idea. Drop pretty fast. The other one was to do something like an on ground thing where people could buy and sell bitcoin from you which is an OTC thing. But I don't think I failed to secure about it. I don't come technology background. Then the third one was to provide concerning services for legal accounting marketing and set up a form for that. I thought it was too early for that as well. So getting into the media space and just like talking about stuff that you learn was easy and at the same time I felt had value in the space as well coming to see checks. Let me ask you as UCLA. Correlation between a surge in traffic and then a surging bitcoins plus. Yeah it's the other way down the hall workout which Way Guy. From day definitely do correlation. There's definitely a coordination I feel even amongst the Bitcoin community itself. This is the price and they're like okay. Whatever but if either price and it's moving up or down there like what happened so then the search volumes go up quite a bit as well I think you do is now the second biggest. So it's engine in the world. So that's why we keep connecting our between the website and the Youtube as well. The reason we want to grow up website is because that's the one we own in a way you do bestowed on Youtube. It's it's super exciting. This is the most exciting time. There's a reason why the way says this is. My voice sounds lot. We've been young everywhere you need to everybody. It'll be learning a great deal of learning Tinley. What's what gets the attention of your rate is the most what what is what's the story. What's next hadn't attract US IN PERSON? I think to a certain extent people like to know what's happening with the prices like what's happening on the trading side. What's happening in the movement of prices? Basically I think over the last three years since I've been studying the community quite a bit. It has since quite a bit as well. People get attracted to good use cases. People get attracted to companies getting traction in terms of user user base as well. There's a lot of attraction for people to understand more things to with. Decentralized finance even centralized finance companies like Celsius network next saw CRYPTO DOT COM by. Nance they have all these multiple centralized financial services. They're getting a lot of attention as well and people love to know what's going on so harvesting right now would still be a price right the but besides that. There's a lot of improvement in the demand for technology. Decentralized Financial Wizards Centralized Finance crypto gaming started locked-in. Gaming segment is separate separate blockchain. Gamay yes has that guy. I mean that must be combining bicycling looking through the community cryptic through dining sets. It must be just typing. Yeah like if you see that magic. The gathering card was like the one that was mound gawks named after her anyways. Keeping those things in new perspective you see how many gamers have been millionaires in the CRYPTO. Space already so many traders either engineer who studied data or many of them are gamers as well who understand this space rather well as well within gaming can essentially be used for three basic reasons. One is used blockchain to authentic authenticate if particular moved to place or not so example. You and I are paying poker you in case you an extra day goes away and you know I clicked it but you do not have electricity. So that's on the blockchain and Newt says did not move us. Oh when there is high stakes games happening etc. That's a good use of blockchain for it as well. The second one is when a game wants to use it as a currency so they want to have an in game currency where one piece of the currencies equal to the second piece of currency. That means it's fungible here so and then it can have a big plan that could be a platform in which that currencies used the third one which is most dear and near to me is rocky items and these items can either be present something of your own and you want your audience to kind of have a piece of something that you've created on the blockchain it can be used to make audiences interested. It could be for a musician to presell often album. It can be for game items as well and these game items now can be used within multiple games as well so I can make one game item and you're game developer. You can use your game and there is another game. He can use it in his game as well so the last item we made just for fun on the engine platform can now be used in four different games last spice to the even this is two thousand and fifteen in spices. That one thousand sixteen doesn't sixteen and you start at the start of the Rodney around this time. Yes visa started around the same saying a lot of child. Yes Las Vegas. If idiom changed a lot even team changed the space quite a bit because before that a lot of focus was on currencies. Some people were like blockchain. Cryptocurrencies will be used for payments and payments and payments. But then when he tedium came and people started doing smart contracts it became more about platforms. So where tiptoe currencies were meant to be a motive? Payment suddenly became a mode of community building. It became a way that people can actually invest it begin tool for investment. I'm not sure if I really liked that bit but it did. Become the changes happen with people coming up with smarter and more intelligent use cases for things that they can do with cryptocurrency rather than just payment. And I don't think the problem that we need to solve is to buy coffee. That's not the problem. Bitcoin auditorium needs to Saul didn't other financial issues that these guarantees need to solve and they are slowly getting towards solving the Lord of interesting problems that the world has in the

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