Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months for obstruction, witness tampering


The sentencing recommendation from justice department prosecutors is seven to nine years in a federal penitentiary on average a convicted rapist in this country serves four and a half years in prison so you know something is amiss almost immediately president trump tweeted his outrage targeting the prosecutors a short time later four of them quit that because great joy in The New York Times and Washington post to organizations that are devoted to injuring president trump what in the middle of the chaos is William Barr who then told ABC news that Mr trump's tweeting about active criminal cases makes it hard for the AG to do its job whereupon fox business channel finder Lou Dobbs question bar's loyalty but an attorney general's loyalty is to uphold the constitution not to any human being so now the president and the Attorney General R. well let's use the word on settle and they didn't have to happen all president trump had to do was wait until Roger stone is sentenced and then issue a pardon presto Mr stone to go bowling with us that very night but waiting is not Donald Trump style confrontation is if you read my book the United States of trump you know the president always relishes the fight but a battle with William Barr is not like the dust up with the week former Attorney General Jeff sessions bars not a man to be pushed around and he does not want his professional reputation solely the crucial Dorham investigation into federal corruption is under way and president trump would be well advised to stay out of all justice department business and let those chips fall Mr trump should also understand that the national media is heavily invested in diminishing William Barr because she fears what the dorm investigation might break the president would be foolish to help his enemies marginalize the Attorney General who could expose disturbing FBI corruption that damaged Donald Trump finally president Richard Nixon tried to manipulate the justice department and that finalized his

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