Is Trump Ready for Coronavirus?


Continue our in the swamp in Washington DC I mean the facts mattered as truth matter anymore in this world of let's just hate Donald Trump for breathing let's say that he's president let's call it the trump via this is The New York Times the trump virus you're feeling awful you know who to blame does it matter that from the get go the president had a proactive response allowed the US to stay ahead of this that the president formed a a corona virus task force that the president took unprecedented steps to prevent travelers from spreading the virus you would by the way who was roundly criticized for expanding screening suspending entry of certain foreign nationals are criticized for that too who would pose a threat of transmitting the virus you know the the fact that the president he only spending two point five billion okay and he said yesterday and we'll start there when we need more we will be ready for whatever happens however this develops we're ready declaring a public health emergency utilizing reserve funding to support response efforts and does it matter that we have the world's greatest signed as I reported yesterday that they think they have they think they have what will be the vaccine that that will be shared with the world as usual because that's who we are and that is what we do well but you put a number but you but you put Mike pence in charge and and when he was against the needle exchange program and flipped the unit okay he doesn't believe in science AOC is saying you know the trump administration has left critical positions in charge of managing pandemics at the National Security Council department homeland security vacant president basically what they're saying wants Americans to die that's not like the playbook every two years every four years Republicans want dirty air water racist sexist misogynist one of programming over the cliff sound typical this is who

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