Marsalis jazz family patriarch dies of virus complications, son says


Ellis Marsalis the pianist educator patriarch of the most celebrated family in jazz died Wednesday in New Orleans he was eighty five his eldest son the saxophonist Branford Marsalis said his father died of complications from the coronavirus Ellis and his wife Delores raised six sons four of them became jazz musicians including Wynton del fail and Jason he was also a mentor to Harry Connick junior and generations of other musicians when Tompkins is host of the program music inside out which airs on W. W. and in New Orleans when I mean this is just such a huge loss it is a tremendous loss for us in the world and for music lovers everywhere actually Ellis Marsalis was committed to being a teacher and she wants to be a musician so he can help people all over the world and Louis Armstrong we appreciate modern and you know the Ellis park center here in the night or are they called him a master educator you know he came up in the nineteen forties and the nineteen fifties when modern dress had no money in the world nothing there were no schools but by the end of his life you know nearly every jazz musician who's from here or the study had a story to tell about how Ellis Marsalis inspired we're talking about Terence Blanchard thank you your contact book now thank you for that finally Nicholas Payton list goes on and not including of course Marcella they have wonderful careers at I was gonna ask I mean how much did he pressure them to go into into music and jazz in particular well you know what I spoke with him he you know he said that he never rule breaking news out of it you know he said he would wait at if the music and if they wanted to learn to keep with that by wanting them I know pointing out certain artists that they should be listening to and he was also very good at keeping brutal but very useful advice to players you know and that runs an internet connection here but always remark on that in interviews you know come quite famous explain elements helps with with top but but you know but they were the better for it and and obviously carry on again and my fellow spokesman center named Ellis Marsalis center for music named after the great teacher you know Ron you know every great jazz musicians have one thing in common and that is that the person is equally our front continue elsewhere what's that and you know if you ever

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