How did BC successfully flatten the curve?

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Columbia and Ontario where the two provinces had I by Kofi Nineteen. They recorded their first cases just a day apart back at the end of January and BC. In fact was the first place but evidence was found of the virus spreading in the community that was march fifth at looked like BC might have just as much trouble as Ontario at that point. But it hasn't since then. British Columbia has been a model of how to control a pandemic and in the past couple of weeks. The province seems to have successfully flattened the curve and in the process. It has made a star out of its provincial health officer as of Monday British Columbia had less than two thousand cases of cove in nineteen four comparison Ontario had more than fourteen thousand and Quebec was closing in on twenty five thousand. Yes the Central. Canadian provinces are two and three times the size of BC but those numbers are much lower than the population would suggest what happened and British Columbia that didn't happen and Ontario and Quebec. What can other provinces learn from? Bc's approach how much of this was preparation. How much was response? How much was luck and will it stay that way because the curve flat for good and BC or is a new spike? Bending it back up right now. We'll ask somebody who's been covering the provincial government and public health response every day during this crisis the soon as Claire takes us around the whole country for everything you need to know about this virus today. Worldwide the number of Kovic nineteen cases has now topped three million. The head of the World Health Organization says though some places are starting to ease restrictions. The pandemic is far from her and they're still a lot of work to be done. The organization is mainly concerned about trends in Africa Eastern Europe Latin America and some Asian countries. Here at Home Quebec Ontario. Have both released plans for easing restrictions around Cova Nineteen in Quebec elementary schools and daycares? We'll start reopening mid-may while high schools colleges and universities will not reopen until late August in Ontario. Three stage process was announced at will start with reopening select workplaces and allowing small gatherings stage. Two will involve opening more workplaces and outdoor spaces and allow some larger gatherings and the final stage would be to open all workplaces and allow pretty much all public gatherings each of these stages will last between two to four weeks. And it's not known yet when this will all start that all depends on when the province sees a steady decrease in the number of cases. Prince Edward Island is expected to release a plan as well this week on Monday. The province had reported no new cases for twelve straight days as of Monday evening. Forty eight thousand five hundred cases of Cova Nineteen in Canada with two thousand eight hundred and seventeen deaths. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings and this is the big story we used is the legislative reporter for news. Eleven thirty which is a Vancouver radio station but she is based in Victoria at the legislature. I Lisa Hi and not at the legislature right now working out of my my living room in my bedroom. Yes well these are the Times. There's windows here. There is a windows at the legislature. Where I work. So that's a big upside for me. Well why don't you I for those of US outside the province? Can you explain how he's doing? And where the experts think. You guys are in terms of flattening the curve. All we hear about outside of the provinces praise right now well I think is had a few things that have made life a little better for us. Though we've still had one hundred people die and I think any amount of death is not is not ideal so we started early. I I think there was a few things that helped us out. People seem to have bought into the restrictions that we've had here we started because we had our case. I case early we also had Washington state to our South King County. There in the Seattle area was really hard. Hit at a care home. So those numbers skyrocket quickly which I think raised the alarm and we have the benefit of having a provincial health officer who has been on the front lines the situations like this before Dr Buddy. Henry was part of the SARS response in Toronto. She worked for the WHO. She was in the front lines of battling Bulla in Africa so she has a lot of experience which I think has held this province in a very solid position in the way that she's approach this but there was also some things that aided vc that you would just put down to luck. We had a later Spring break plan for students here which allowed our province to learn from the tragedies of other provinces and other places where the spring breaks were earlier so travelers went abroad and brought cove in nineteen home before we knew what a disaster it was going to become right so our curve your has eased our peak was at the end of March. There was one day that we had on the weekend there. Twenty Eighth March Ninety two cases and then a couple of days later seventy cases and then we've slowly been coming down from. There

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