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New York - Remembering MTA Train Tower Operator Darryl Sweeney


Transit workers continue to die from covert nineteen in greater numbers than any other city or state agency in New York as part of our occasional series to honor those lost to the virus W. NYC Steven Nelson has this recollection there Sweeney had four children but it was his only daughter deja he took to see plays on Broadway she says his favorite was the mountain top a fictional account of Martin Luther king junior's last night I love that one he talked about that forever teacher says her father was very thoughtful and methodical his favorite game of chess he earned his black belt in jujitsu this year and philosophically he was aligned with king we'd like your ideology Durrell was the tower operator which is kind of like air traffic control for trains a job that requires constant attention one of his coworkers and fellow union leader Chris Drummond says there was one quality that made him different god never gets mad and bass with our market value trump says in the union Geral worked hard to improve conditions grilled me had to provide food chains this one is a bright treated with dignity and respect as for his family he pushed them to be their best to after getting her bachelor's degree his daughter deja new one thing now right I don't want to go back to school and he said well you know you always said you want to go to auction I think it's concrete do now that no I'm not doing I'm not doing it and he just made me realize you know sometimes you can't stop shaking your green teacher ended up getting a scholarship to a law school in Michigan the last time they were together was late February when you drop her off to take the bar exam he wished her good luck and said don't second guess yourself and I did my name you called me every week I have never felt now would come in every week they don't come back until April but you still call in late March they're all called out sick from work and he wasn't answering his phone one of his sons climb through his window to check on him Geral was disoriented had a raspy voice difficulty breathing an ambulance came but they said he didn't need to go to a hospital for the kept him at home he slept a lot drink Gatorade and law the town awaits two weeks later his condition worsened at the end you know we work it worked longer while I was recording born and raised in Brooklyn Geral Sweeney leaves behind three children six siblings and his mother he was fifty eight years old Steven Nelson W. NYC news

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