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Change Is A Work In Progress



Let's start with a letter from a young man. Who called himself struggling? This was a letter that we answered back in October. It was the episode that was called. This was Cheryl's brilliant idea. You Must Change Your Life from the beautiful real capone and we talked with the amazing author Mitchell Jackson. The letter was from a seventeen year. Old Guy couldn't stop smoking pot. His mom had threatened to kick him out of the House. He had big dreams to leave his small town but he could not stop getting in trouble in the ASS. Basically how do I get on the right path to set me up for this amazing future that I have in my head but can't make happen in my life to me? That was such an interesting question. Because you know we just get all of these letters and we really think about you. Know what. What do we want to delve into on the show? What ground haven't we covered and of course in every episode in some ways? We're trying to help people get set on the right path. But we'd never really looked at this issue in that kind of larger way like this very kind of general I'm screwing up. And how do I not screw up? And what better letter writer to address this question to then a seventeen year old. I don't think any of us at seventeen Felt like necessarily we were On exactly the right path. I certainly did you Steve. No I think actually at seventeen if you feel that you're on the right path. It's a trap. I believe that our childhood experience in our adolescent experiences so intense so tumultuous. I feel like being an adolescent. It's almost like you could lay the softest fingertip on you know a thirteen year old and they would experience as as an earthquake. They're so exquisitely sensitive to things and I think that struggling was right in the thick of it we read the letter. We got from struggling and response to our advice. Sure hello sugars. I was extremely touched to hear your response to my letter. I wrote it not really expecting a response but more for peace of mind. That's why my heart almost dropped when I was tuning into the show and heard my letter being read oddly. Enough some of the things that were said on the show were quite similar to the things. People have been trying to tell me this whole time. That's good news right Cheryl. Yeah that's why I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I haven't been doing super great at getting my life together about a month. After your response aired my mom caught me smoking weed and I was actually kicked out for a while I lived in a trailer park and my life was pretty wild. While I was living there I was able to get to work and continue to hold my job but I was dropped from my school classes due to inactivity. I was basically a high school dropout on my way to completely screwing over my future but oddly enough when I wasn't living with her my mom and I got along better than we have a long time. I think she just needed to realize that. I'm figuring things out on my own and I'm old enough to where I need to learn certain things without her help. Since then I've moved back in but I'm currently looking at other places and was able to spend the holidays with my family. I went to my school and got re-enrolled into the last few classes. I need to graduate. I still have my job and apparently working full time. I know that my reality isn't super great right now but I don't think I'm completely screwed either. My family's still loves me endlessly AVALON GOING FOR ME. I don't regret anything that has led up to this point. I learned a lot in this past month. And a half that has matured me and made me realize I have a lot to learn before I truly call myself an adult. Well it might seem like I didn't really listen to your advice which might be true given everything that's transpired in the past two months. I would like to speak on it by saying it gave me so much to think about getting away from everything by moving away doesn't exactly solve everything in a weird way. Your troubles have this way of following you wherever you go. It made me realize that. In order to achieve ambitions and dreams. I have to play the cards that have been dealt to me and not only that have to be smart about it. There's a million ways I can really screw up my life but there's a number of ways I can do things right. I have every intention of doing what I dream of doing. I'd like to end this email by responding to what Steve asked me to do in the episode. Write another letter about my dreams and goals and he did. I can't tell you Steve. How much I love that. He did the homework the homework. Steve will you read the letter? He wrote two sugars a teenager on the cusp of adulthood age. Seventeen at a lot of big dreams and goals that I want to achieve my biggest goal in life is to give back and change lives. I want to do this by helping people through hard times similar to those I've experienced myself I'm going to graduate high school and pursue a degree in social work. The ultimate goal is to get my masters with a minor in psychology. I WANNA start by working in treatment centers and as my career advances. I want to become a therapist. All I want in life is to make sure people know. They're not alone in what they're going through. I know I have a lot of work to put in before I get there but I know it'll be worth it in the end. Thanks so much for your advice and just know that. I'll always carry that wisdom with me sincerely struggling but hopeful how struggling hopeful you really touched my heart. I I can't tell you how much You are response to our advice and then the letter you wrote to us Means to me yeah. I mean some of these lines in a weird way. Your troubles have this way of following you wherever you go that might have been lifted directly out of Catcher in the Rye and it's not weird. It's the thing we every human comes to realize that at some point and the fact that struggling but falls realized it by seventeen is going to be helpful to him. I beg to differ. I think actually a lot of people don't realize that and they chasing the next locale or chasing the next job or chasing the next Relationship without realizing. Hey your troubles are gonNA follow. You Really Echoes. What you were talking about shirl that you know no matter where we go where carrying that same stuff. That sounds set of issues. I always say to To Writing Students With Kurt Vonnegut. Said you know my Kurt Vonnegut. You're going to be writing about your family for the rest of your life struggling but hopefully you're really a reliable narrator. You know that things aren't perfect right now. You know that not. Everything is ideal but in the big picture. The fact that you're able to step back and forgive yourself for some of the missteps he you know and I think this idea of letting go of regret and saying you know what everything that happened. Living in the trailer park getting kicked out of the House. All of that was necessary. All a part of what makes you who you are. It really makes me hopeful struggling but hopeful that that You are going to get where

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