New York City Announces ‘Self-Swab’ Coronavirus Testing


And as we continue to tackle the corona virus pandemic New York is looking at adding another level of protection for those on the frontline a new self swap testing method where people take their own samples albeit under the watchful eyes of our healthcare workers is one of several ideas which came out of today's briefing including something for New York residents who've been cooped up for the last several weeks how about more space to roam is al Jones to start his office after no sharp U. turn for the mayor on open streets after weeks of staunch opposition over the next month we will create a minimum of forty miles of open streets mayor Blasio says the first streets to close to traffic will be around parks relying less on the honor system and more on enforcement of the city is also rolling out a new testing protocol self swabbing helping hospitals CEO Dr Mitchell Katz a healthcare worker be observing it but way less risk to that health care workers the shorter swap is less invasive less chance the patient's sneezes on the healthcare worker and mayor Blasio says it's still too soon to start re opening more businesses I would be careful about that you for not making decisions based on healthcare indicators or something wrong the mayor did announce alternate side of the street parking is being extended two more weeks to may

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