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Post Spring Garden Tuneups with Ken Druse


Did their spring clean up or they're doing it and they're like okay. I've done that check. But that's not the end of the story so I thought we could go through sort of some of the things that you and I. After a million years of gardening have learned sort of aftercare that really help the garden to look good right into the summer and beyond so. Do you want to start with like bulbs for instance because the big features of spring? I think that your listeners know that by now that you don't cut off the Daffodil foliage during the language kind of too bad 'cause it's hard to get around it and you don't break the. When was the last time he saw braided daffodil foliage? It's been a long time but I used to see people do it but I have seen people who planted daffodils. The lawn for that lovely English look and then mowed the lawn and they wonder why they don't have any flowers anymore right right right so here. I'm in zone five fee. I don't even know. I have big amounts of them in sort of grassy areas and I don't even know those areas until around July fourth. So you know I really let them go their own all all the way down to Bauge and maybe if you have species tulips that some of the comeback every year out of most tulips. Don't come back every year for me anyway. Even the species. But if you have species tulips you leave fully it. You WanNa leave the foliage of all the bulbs and most of them will tell you is over like the album the value Mer blooming and their foliage is ugly and turning yellow at the same time. And so it's pretty much over after they bloom right right so I let them ripen as we would say I let them do their thing and take advantage of their photosynthesis process before I clean them up. So that's super important journey yellow. That's when you do it right right and one other tip I think with some of the little guy. Some of the little guys like one of my favorites is the winter ACA night Aransas high malice and tiny little. I ball to bloom with the snow drops here for me. Even March where I am. Sometimes yellow. Tiny flowers is hard to establish but when it does get established the way it likes to establish itself and get into bigger and bigger mass by seeding. And so you don't want to disturb that area when the flowers are spent you know what I mean. Make a mess cleanup to roughly. Because you'll miss out on that colonizing effect that the self sewing is going to do so the takes a long time. It does surprise but it takes a long time because I believe that those aides need to they take two years to Germany to have both through warm moist. Cold Moist warm moist. You know the whole thing like that. I think I think it is two years to germinate. So you know. It's one of those things in the garden. You don't stand there tapping your foot waiting to see the colony takeoff. You just go away. And then a scant seven years later. A nice big clump. Yeah we're colony so flowering shrubs or another hallmark of spring. And Oh my goodness I mean you know. We could name so many that we adore and the question arises you know dead had them getting from people more southern than I am. I've already been getting like do I have to dead my roadies do I'd after dead. Had My you know Fill in the blank so yeah camelias for more southerly people exactly you know. And that sort of dot dot is like also went to prune them is. When is the right time to prune them? So maybe let's talk about you if you can imagine fast forward in your garden a little bit like some things that you do tidy up. Don't tidy up in the SHRUB department Kind of pertains to their flowering. Don't tie that's that's a good one you rose by a rea- I think some Birgitta. You Know Ogun among one eighth you don't WanNa cut that back because the foliage is what you're grown at for. It has lovely white flowers early and there followed by this. These sort of needle like leaves and Ogun is the gold one and that's a terrific plant so that's actually percipient to don't come back for. I mean you you can cut out the part that's deceased but when I see a percent the ball I just think oh what is going on. And sometimes they have no flowers because the the landscaper has made them into meatballs. Yeah Yeah not a good thing for but other things I mean. Camellias are kind of self cleaning like another. The power's turned brown. And they sort of fall off but you can help that along. Just go to the flowers and just sort of snapped them off and if you need to you can put it. But you know as we're talking thinking the general rule especially for spring flowering things. Is You prune them right after they flower particularly need the whole season to prepare to flower again? Some things like hydrangea panicky. Lada make the flower. You know what they're gonNA flower with through the season but the early things they've made what they're going to use to flower the year before right rarely right after they bloom so in our northern gardens. You know one of the two everywhere. Just a tiny little different. If the best time to lilacs they say is cut some bouquets and enjoy them indoors. And that's your pruning. You know what I mean. It's at the time or right after because by say July two months later or so. They are already beginning that process toward thinking about setting buds for next year. And certainly by fall there Abud. So you don't WanNa do it then and there's a lot of should you dead head lilacs or not dead lilacs and I think i. I think that if you let the fruits develop you really don't get as many flowers at least I don't so I it's a lot of work but I I do think that you know as you said. Cut some for though by the on the on the nightstand. That's the best some things that have fragrances. During the day don't have fragrances at night. Like trigger twenty four seven So cut them and have them on the bedside and then if you haven't cut them all then go round and just you can snap off little fruit. Says they're forming very easy to see their green fruits where the flowers used to be. Or you can take your SA- caters her crooners and cut them off at. If you WANNA prove your Lilac I would prune it down to the first out facing cluster of leads so you want to encourage the Shrub to sort of get a vase shape so so that the next branch doesn't cross with an inner branch or become congested. You want to open it up. And that's that's pretty easy to see if you look at it so when you prune in any case you look to see where the direction what you're leaving behind is likely to sprout and go in right so that you're thinking of the future architecture. That's that's mostly true with a shrub that has alternate clusters of leaves because some of them have in clusters of leaves on both sides. You can actually remove one and encouraged that outpacing growth. My getting confused here. That's not so hard to understand and with the lilacs the other reason I like to Dead head them so to speak. Is that once those fruits as you? Call them those clusters of green. Things are Brown. They look like hell. Let's do you have a big flow reference. You know one that really performed beautifully and then it has this mess right. I'd rather get mother green red right because it's awful and and I don't want to look at that the rest of the season and as you say it may also reduce flowering you know. Some of the energy may be put into the reproductive those seeds but uh so the long reach prunier. I loved one by the company. I have no affiliation with them but I just love their pruning tools. Rsd Longreach Crooner. It's maybe gives gives you an extra while you can get very long ones but I have one. That's maybe four feet and another one that telescopes to six. So I can get a lot of those. Even you know eight nine ten nine feet high can get a lot of those dead heads out of a Lilac which is great.

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