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The Latest: Drew Brees and wife donating $5 million


Speaker saints quarterback Nancy drew Brees Pelosi says he predicts is wife the Britney house will will donate quickly five approve million that dollars massive to help coronavirus Louisiana businesses economic and communities relief contend bill with the the Senate challenges passed brought yesterday on by the rapid transmission the Senate of unanimously the corona virus in approved the state it and presupposes pelo see predicts the pledge a strong on social showing media in Thursday the house says it the will money pass will with help strong several restaurants bipartisan in which he support has an ownership though stake top house as Republican well as a major Kevin hospital McCarthy chain says and charities it's unclear like second how harvest many food members bank will to be deliver on hand about ten thousand since some meals have per day the virus to people in need others are the quarantined quarterback and his wife and run many the Brees will have dream trouble foundation physically which getting has spent to tens the capital of millions of from dollars around helping the country to fund I charitable think there will endeavors be enough in New to Orleans make sure and we surrounding get this areas through along and the Gulf to coast president I'm trump's Josh desk Rowntree amid fresh evidence the economy sinking into recession some three point three million Americans filed new unemployment claims last week four times the previous record set in nineteen eighty two Sager mag ani Washington

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The Latest: Drew Brees and wife donating $5 million

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