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Well I just spoke to the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer he got


Hospitals are overwhelmed right well it took sixty seven days for the worldwide number of confirmed cases to reach one hundred thousand but just eleven days to reach two hundred thousand and four days despite the three hundred thousand and that's why there are such high concern in hot spots across the U. S. including New York David Bagnall reports from his New York apartment here in New York cases are doubling every three days and it's to the point now where the White House told people yesterday if you left New York recently to go anywhere in the country you should self quarantine for fourteen days immediately we remain deeply concerned about New York City and then the New York metro area that is because more than half of the nation's new coronavirus cases are being found right here crowded subway cars may have accelerated the spread new York's governor says FEMA gave the state four hundred ventilators to that he said this what am I going to do with four hundred ventilators when I need thirty thousand you pick the twenty six thousand people who are going to die because you only sent four hundred ventilators the governor now projects that the state will need up to one hundred and forty thousand beds with an additional forty thousand ICU beds incredible

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Well I just spoke to the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer he got

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