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It was two weeks ago that the penguins game in Columbus was called off as play was halted across the NHL today we heard from Sidney Crosby for the first time since then I'm in Pittsburgh right now you know I think like everyone else is trying to you know to do what's recommended and and stay patient you know it's not like anything I've ever experienced before so you know just trying to make the best of it and and you know when you do that to get through it given the choice of play resumes Crosby prefers going straight into the postseason do Steelers fullback Derek watt is eager to begin the next phase of his career after four seasons with the Chargers motherboards you know have an atmosphere nation behind me and just kind of let me work with those guys and you know if there is it just seems like such a great fit organizationally and and Claire that's currently having coaches the mindset nothing like that or just what set the Steelers tradition and culture are what appealed most to him the cardinals have re signed tackle Marcus Gilbert the former Steeler missed all of last season with a knee injury a couple of days after his release by the Carolina Panthers quarterback cam Newton posted photos and a video on Instagram and can be heard saying they gave up on me baseball commissioner rob Manfred is not giving up on the season though he stood say that he