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Listeners. You might have noticed that we saw it a little bit different obviously chatting about different things because a pandemic is happening the well destroy at the moment. Yeah it's really weird and scary and Pau. That is where working from home now so if an eye annoy next to each other as usual if we sound a bit different that's why we're over corday from our own homes and self isolating as advised usually when we do the podcast. We basically meat. So That's myself an Ellen. And then either judy at all. Sam Altogether in a room with a lovely guest sources together and we'll have a chat and then take a photo but at the moment. Yeah I'm Home Front of my Laptop Ellen's In front of a laptop jewels in front of a laptop in front of the laptop. So there's like four things that could go wrong and it's a little bit stressful. And he's doing a lot of mini episodes this week about Kerlin virus in general. Because I think it'd be weird froze to pretend that it's not happening with time. Excitingly anybody like whether you have a long term and to health issue or not. I think those must be more stress around from home just general kind of anxiety around the situation that we're living in at the moment Yeah so kind of thing that chatting about this stuff is more important than ever really. Yeah so we're GONNA start with. Took him working from home with Emma? What is Mental Health First Aid? Mental State is the equivalent of physical fast aid. What's really great about? Is that the training that we provide -ticipant into providing them with skills and competence and recognizing what to recognizing sinus symptoms of common mental health issues and effectively guide. A pass into the right support. Be Bat self help or professional services but the key to things about is just raising awareness around common issues that might arise and symptoms are more so effectively key things to signpost people's relevant help. What kind of things can help with can help different things I mean? We trading inspections of mental health whether it stress anxiety extent depression a covers acquire wide variety of the spectrum. But initially it's very much around. Those made things so of mental state. I feel like applies in the workplace and now with Kern virus so many of us are working from home. How can mental health status continue to do what they're supposed today whether now remote? Yes so. That's really interesting. Aggression actually quite good question itself. I think don't the training is definitely workplace focused. But we're now going online and being quite How Do Exist? Organizations will still have to connect with their colleagues But also what's great about the training as well as much? We don't even wet place focused you. You can't apply to family to so to answer your question. I think the key thing of mental age. They're definitely not therapist psychiatrist but they can't offer initial support through non judgmental listening or guidance to the keeping is is for them to be able to connect people line super cheap. Where there is you know offering their services actually to their colleagues and signed an colleagues are being aware that even still working from home they can contact them via the personal laptops or whatever meet him they using to connect eventually with Java. That's a great opportunity to still be able to contact at. She helped make a difference and again. The same could happen in terms of family and friends. You know you co pay. Some of us are living at home because the current situation with either housemates so Fatmi old friends etc Sagana saying could be applied there but I think the key thing is that as much as we're reaching out to our network of festive mental best ages. They make sure that they too are looking after themselves and getting the the support that they need to enable them to help out those. We'll all the kind of issues that are going to Ryan's now the F. One is self from home. You know worry about a very serious democ as well. What kind of issues that can arise from? Not I think there's quite a few different issues that could rise to that. I mean you know. We come station before we started around. Just getting your head around ragging from high and last week. We launched new guidance Alongside our our recent campaign miles south and the guidance actually look at how we can support meant to help them wellbeing whilst working from high of one of the things that could displace people came to. It you now that. I'm a high end because everybody's very used to getting up and leaving the building and you're leaving the house and go into a building to act so I think some of the things will be just like thinking about how they can get into regular routines. How set their day to enable them to achieve what they need to do? So a lot of things will be around just how to think about using your days productively whilst whacking from high and also any missile off things around still keeping up the mental mental and physical wellbeing again. Most of us we the guys who are Gym Swimming Pool. Whatever physical activity will have during the day or at? Wack wack than that. That's allow hot now. So again thinking about really quick easy exercises that can be done in the Heim and actually to some extent the Need equipment to do so if you have got a criminal. That's great if you don't you still think about this. Lots of things online out that offering free twenty minutes thirty minutes an hour sessions depending on what you WANNA do. Some advice would be for people that she off being a bit overwhelmed with the whole issue of what do I do? Now that I'm not working on going back is to establish the daily routine. Wake up the same way. You would wake up every time you set your goals for the day in between them take breaks where you're either going for walks or you're just taking time out to the family that around your friends you know and connects with your employees. The Noble Way. You would eventually actually. I think what's also interesting about you? The other problems that might arise when you kind of already from home is Sunday. If you're working virtually your Dr gets bombarded so many meetings because again you know having to either Goto meeting or you know physically being the meeting room when I think about what I would advise people to do is space out their time so to ensure they're not they're not in continuous back to back meetings and also they have you know social meetings included in there where they can have copied Copycat jobs have lunch with colleagues Ashley So I think it's definitely comes down to the routine piece and just making sure that your routine consists of you actually having something active whether it's going for jog in the morning before you start your day or lunchtime or having a walk in the afternoon just to break up not constantly being in front of the Laptop. You exercises in there as well. Do you mean things like meditation affirmations? What do you mean? I said mental health and physical health. I combined If you are mentally healthy you can be physically healthy and vice versa. So for me I think from a mental perspective meant to help. Perspective is very much around the mindfulness. It's very much around meditation. It's very much around yoga sessions but also to get your you know your blood pumping and just being a bit more physically active you could do sit-ups you could do jumping jacks do different things so. I think it's around of a good balance between Exercising the mind but also exercising the

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