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How how does that turn into? I guess the schedule the end of actually creating for the kids We the schedule about we have Is very similar to our schedule in the summertime Because again the kids are at home and we want to emphasize that we need to get our work done before we play. And so that that's basically the principle of that struck schedule us to get all your work done in the morning so you can play in the afternoon and if you don't get all your work done in the morning then you're going to you know you're going to shorten your free time. And so the kids have been really motivated to try to get all their work done in before lunch But we have made some adjustments as we've gone on So for example in the morning I really wanted to do a check in with the kids because I think there are things that are going on in their heads they're not always voicing and so I start off by the senator dumb in the beginning but it's actually I'll just share. I think they go around the table and they share affirmations of each other and this is something that I did as volleyball coach after a game. I gathered all the kids. And you know they're having their snacks. But we're still huddled and we're just going over affirmations for each team member because I wanted them to see that. Each team member contributed to our game and the outcome of that game. And so instead of you know putting blame on somebody for not playing. Well wanted them to keep their eyes on the positive and over time they just work towards that positive and really Look forward to that time to gather at the end and really share out there. What they saw each other team members do and so I kind of wanted that idea to play out in our family In in the beginning they're kind of awkward about it but it's funny how you know in the course of our first week at home. They've really cherished what each other have said about them. And it's almost like they want it to happen again. The next and so they sort of work to build that relationship. I'm seeing slowly happen And there's a lot less bickering. I feel like Because they want to be noticed for their good good deeds of the The other thing that we added In our morning prayer is to have the kids share out their prayer which which really ends up being a way for them to voice. Their concerns their worries and One of the things. I did this with my class. Also I didn't want the kids to be carrying around burdens throughout their day and so to share it in the morning I feel like it does. Lighten their low that they're carrying around emotionally and psychologically and so two Sur Cher out thought in the very beginning of the day kind of makes the rest of the day go smoother Does something else that we added a family meeting at the very beginning of our schedule So it's it's some structure but allow for flexibility To be able to gauge. Where the kids are and to be able to adapt to what? You're feeling that they might need as I think. Essential for this to really work for the long haul. That's amazing and I might add the fact that you actually have both experience as a teacher and a coach probably gives you a little bit of a leg up on this front but I wonder actually I mean how much of how much of what you experienced learned as an educator feels like it works as a parent and I'm going to ask actually that of Stephen to relative to your wife who you said was a is a therapist right greg. Do you feel like you feel like there's kind of almost seamless transfer of of knowledge from being a professional that works with you know which people as it were in this capacity versus The kind of rough and tumble of just being a parent. Yeah I I'll show I'll jump in so I the fact that my wife is therapist Has has has. I've learned a lot from that and Continue to so for me I. There's like a lot of Greater attention to the kid's feelings and the stressors and an understanding that and being a better communicator to them in ways that on my own I wouldn't think about. I would be maybe more afraid to talk about my worries and my fears With my kids but but through my wife able to better express myself To my kids I would say that. My Wife practices a lot of what she preaches insurance of of again that communication and that openness with the kids but then at the end of the day if like if it's just really getting on her nerves you know like she's Cuban like therapist the mom it just becomes like man. This kid's so annoying. I can't deal in right now. So that professionals who could only take you so far Truth Avenue. I I do feel like when I went from the classroom into home schooling. I was expecting homeschooling to be exactly like classroom teaching and and so we even even made them wear uniforms and I had a room designated as the classroom and we put up. You know an alphabet chart and you know this is i. I try to make it. So that are home-schooling space was separate from the rest of our house and that are home-schooling time with separate from our family time but what I've learned that first time through home schooling aside it. I mean your family. Life is the highest priority. You have to kind of really assess what's going on with the family before you can even start schooling and so So yeah that was my first hard lesson in home. Schooling is that you know schooling at home is nothing like schooling in the classroom. And even now as I coached teachers. That's the number one thing I'm telling them is that you cannot expect school to be from eight to three every day because these parents were home with the kids. They're trying to get work done to and We're not sitting next door. Kids the whole time and It's not at all like the classroom. And and the whole time were were sitting in. You know watching these things on the news and trying to evaluate. What's going to happen to our families? And you know we're starting to hear how it's affecting our family is in the other countries and and so the kids are dealing with a lot more emotionally that will affect how they're going to be learning and so trying to make that clear to the school is essential also is to keep communicating with our teachers and our administrators as they try to learn the best way to go about with distance. Learning is I think he yes just to kind of build off of that. I think the There is this sort of expectation. Like Oh yeah this is. This'll be just like it. How it is in the summer or this'll be like things are normal. It's like a global pandemic is not normal this is this is incredibly incredibly stressful on. You Know Uncertain Times that we're in with the news just gets like so overwhelming and so scary an so stressful so I think that Yeah it's it's it's really everybody's thinking Oh yeah things are okay and like but but Yeah there's there's a lot that our kids are picking up on Because this is this is just a very serious global crisis I do appreciate homosexuals are trying to bring you know their normal routines into the distance learning but but at the same time as I've been saying is it's important to provide structure but at the same time to be expecting that you need to be super flexible To really be able to adapt to changing needs.

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