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Efforts and everyone is encouraged


A rainy day from start to finish but highs today around sixty degrees we had some cloudiness earlier looking at the visible satellite imagery right now aside from southern Maryland it's just a whole sunshine out there so beautiful evening in store skies you become cloudy tonight though temperatures fall into the four Ortiz highs tomorrow in the mid sixties to near seventy degrees or warmer and some scattered showers are possible early and then maybe an evening shower but throughout the day tomorrow it's mainly drawing and some sunshine out there rain on Saturday temperatures in the fifties on Sunday we warm to around eighty degrees maybe an isolated shower early and again late in the day but most if not all of Sunday is looking completely dry currently across the area right now we're holding at fifty seven degrees outside of our studios here in northwest Washington Dulles coming in at fifty seven and Ashburn at fifty five all right thank you Amelia and we have fifty eight degrees downtown brought you by land the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week

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Efforts and everyone is encouraged

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