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The Genesis of the Impeachment Trial


We always find the next thing to discuss it's it's a rolling rolling train of stories and you always have the right balance is in the break you discuss the meat discussed with me this issue of the genesis all of the impeachment which is not what what most people think that would be the Torah well it began it did the department the national security department the Deanna high and a big rector national intelligence the guys it's about all of our intelligence yeah we just use didn't used to be back in the days when I was Goldwater's two counts of as an intelligence committee the DCI the head of the CIA was was that you are having all of Callahan's world but they changed it after nine eleven I think it was a very big mistake so now they put another layer of bureaucracy over all the intelligence agency that he hasn't he hasn't inspector general yes hi gene was a wired this IGT from the justice department who had worked on all of these fights that might well accidents and Michael and he changed the rules at the last minute right before the curtain was change the rules to say on whistleblower for whistle blowers he said it doesn't have to be first hand information it can now be second hand which is outrageous anonymous person giving here say that is because he knew that Eric Karabell of who was going to be the only thing didn't happen personally I think this is so important is we created the rules for a specific person I need to any three peat this so that the individual whose fingerprints are all of the illegal FISA warrants that we used to spy against our campaign the trump campaign that individual becomes the Attorney General becomes the inspector general of the director of national intelligence and he's the person who changed the rules to allow a putative whistle blower who isn't a whistle blower attic Chatham Allah to become a whistle blower despite the fact he doesn't have any prime aphasia evidence of any wrongdoing exactly forty it wrong reporter the phone call wrongly yes completely inaccurate and this guy Michael Atkinson who was the I. G. for the intelligence community who allowed that so called whistle blower to go forward we have to remember during the Obama administration he worked for merry McCord John Karlen all the people who ran the national security division the people who ran all the FISA warrants and Carter page so that means he knew and was part of the legal fight as it wire taps on Carter page so some idiot in White House personnel decides well I have a good idea let's make him the inspector general for the intelligence community and he gets made and then he sets the plot in motion with this phony report from this clown Eric charm and just as importantly they president doesn't have his own person as the D. and I'm the director of national

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The Genesis of the Impeachment Trial

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