Self-styled California 'refugees' moving to Idaho to avoid vaccinating their kids

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Start each episode with the new story that basically got the most I'M GONNA say strongest emotional response out of me and this one is is a local story. This one is about Boise's a refugee city. There's lots of people whenever you drive around. You will see bumper stickers on cars saying refugees welcome. We have strong refugee programs. We have one of the two major health systems. Here has a a major global health program specifically geared towards the refugees. We have a lot of stuff around town for refugees it is. It is something that that Boise really prides itself on but when we talk about refugees is not the subject of this new story and this new story is coming out of W. C. V. B. From Boston and this is about California refugees yes Californian refugees coming to Idaho as one wrote in too. Yeah there's one road into the state government As they were considering a change in vaccine rules strengthening the vaccine roles wrote quote. I'm writing as deeply concerned parents in California refugee who had to pull entire family out of the state to protect them from tyrannical government. I will not stand by allowing Idaho to become a socialist state. The next one quote I am a mother and I am a California referee refugee. I came here in search of medical freedom. That was Shaly Brindley a Berry Bay area native at a hearing at the Idaho. State Capitol Lou Manila left a public comment got a masters degree from Stanford but moved to Idaho quote for the freedoms of the state in quote. He told the audience that he would defend his rates quote with my life and my weapons. I don't care about the heard. I care about my family about my children. In quote these are people who are moving from California to Idaho because California enacted reasonable legislation to prevent stupid people from being stupid to protect their children and even more importantly to protect other children from their children. Because when you're talking about her immunity you're talking about kids with cancer. You're talking about kids with immunodeficiency disorders. You're talking about kids who just don't respond to vaccines because with most vaccines anywhere from five. To ten percent of people are non responders. Okay usually around five percent if you get much higher than that at the the vaccine is not likely actually beginning approved by about five percent. Just don't respond. We need high vaccination rates to protect people who just their bodies don't produce the antibodies. And when you look at all those groups of people who legitimately need the heard that's about five to seven percent

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