Why Bernie Sanders is the current favorite for the Democratic nomination


Robert I have in front of me the new Los Angeles Times poll I just want to share with you Bernie Sanders is open to wide leading California democratic presidential primary the survey by the nonpartisan public policy institute found Sanders with thirty two percent of likely voters followed by Joe bite at fourteen percent Elizabeth ward at thirteen percent two former mayor is a New York Michael Bloomberg and south bend's Pete but a judge at twelve percent there are four hundred and fifteen delegates at stake on super Tuesday but you got to get fifteen percent of the vote to get any of them these numbers suggest that Bernie's gonna get all four hundred and fifteen if that actually hello out there that actually happened Robert what would the impact of that if that happens Sanders on a path to be the nominee and this is what the Democratic Party of eighteen right out senator Bernie Sanders learned a lot of lessons twenty you know I covered that campaign closely I've spent a lot of time with him this time around this is a national political figure leading a movement thrown over ten thousand people to agree to a campaign a populist in a populist time it's very real this noon rule that the Democrats adopted of requiring fifteen percent to get a delegate it hasn't really shown up yet because there were a few people over fifteen percent in Iowa New Hampshire it's going to make itself known in South Carolina is going to really make itself known in the super Tuesday contests but I think if if he got all four and fifteen in California it's over game set match a little jealous yeah in twenty he was put in a normal amount after it with this hi it is was it a pretty good position to win California twenty sixteen but his campaign fell apart just at the end you may remember the Associated Press called the race for secretary Clinton a day before the California primary delegates moving across curated Sanders ever since then Jeff weaver his top rated right about that get a book about how angry losing California gave them and so we talked to his campaign super Tuesday map fourteen states California top of the list but you also see was Sanders is well positioned cross which used a state in the US president Biden is one factor liner you can have a lot of moderate still a more moderate candidate in the race competing against each other and super Tuesday that really create the way for standard scoop up the liberal side of the Democratic Party particularly if senator Warren struggles and as you get into the but we talked about this before but open primaries in South Carolina coming up on Tuesday next open primary in California the open primaries allow anyone to vote in the democratic presidential race in California I believe there are a lot of people like me who want to see a Sanders trump race for the clarity that would bring I think he's going to get an add on that is not showing up in polling because they're talking will too likely democratic voters but when but right now we're talking to thousands of people in San Francisco on eight sixteen AM the answer people up the long drive it's four thirty in the morning they got their their cars seven minutes ago that's when people start to drive in the Silicon Valley or San Francisco from the outlying regions and their hearing on conservative talk I think again and again and again Bernie Sanders is the preferred candidate for clarity on the ballot have you had any discussions with people yet about crossovers all right if you're gonna be crossovers and part of it the Republican effort part of it I have twin daughters who are you Steve senator Sanders as a change candidate and you saw the twenty sixteen were voter who stayed home in twenty sixteen in the general election because if you really love secretary Clinton they're more of a populist left is voter maybe a union worker thank you for all images it is on the ticket they're not going to come out and he gave the crossover Republican side because if some of its courses scheme to try to just rattle the Democratic Party make them as a reporter our voters who have flown in standard yeah you're good with a lot survivor and I believe it's because they believe in authenticity and they want to knock down showdown and they want the clarity that it

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