The Hill criticizes, but does not recant, Solomon articles


You broke the news that the user but Chris Murphy and other democratic senators met with Zarif the foreign minister of Iran yes and that was my story that we published the federalist on Monday and I tried to get comments from European the other people and should be in there and they declined to comment but one secretary of state my coupon Hey addressed the meeting which had been not approved by the state department then finally Murphy admitted that he had taken part in a secret meeting in the hotel room of the three and that he's done it actually before too and mostly what I find interesting about this is that Murphy isn't as extreme critic of legitimate our conversations with people who are leaders of other countries so for instance when my claim the incoming national security adviser had a conversation intending to de escalate the situation with Russia with the ambassador from Russia Hey kids we act of mercy thought that it was treasonous says with a legal that it definitely needs to be investigated that it was a Logan act violation this is the view also shared by The Washington Post you might remember David Ignatius received that leak about the kids react on call and put out an article about how it is legitimate to think this was the Logan act violation the department justice pursued Logan act violations that happened with the pretext they used to go interview Flynn you know and when was the incoming national security adviser to doing exactly what you should have been and in fact she's been doing with more people were as Murphy is a strong opponent of our current policy toward Iran he has some questionable ties to redeem undead or supported groups and he was publicly opposing our policy the same day that he had this meeting and yet he wants to say that what he did was perfectly fine I'm I'm sure I'm speechless because it's so obviously inconsistent hi is anybody coaling Murphy out on this and were there other senators present the others who were reported to be there any information kinda came because other European countries knew about this meeting even though the United States did not in the state let's not talk about it but some of them are other you know senators were there like men that van Hollen is reported to be trying to get into the meeting on the th and clear if he actually make it into the meeting or not but also reported to be John Kerry who has previously had such woke interactions with Iranian regime leaders and Murphy's defense of what he did with that he sits on the foreign affairs committee he's a senator Hughes and a co equal branch of government he has the right to do this well that wouldn't explain John Kerry being there and so while he was somewhat transparent or claim to be transparent about what they talked about he hasn't been transparent about who else is participating and so we definitely need to know more about well established events that it's a co equal branch of government does that negate the login law violation well first off you know there's a difference in being co equal branch of government and doing your own foreign policy don't lie in the states so I'm asking is is settled is it a an illegitimate defense then well I don't personally believe the Logan act is constitutional that new point was not shared by Obama department of justice or Sally eight Sir James yeah but for general Flynn a great great American all right ruined by on the basis of this right and so if you're going to enforce the login after use it as a pretext to investigate and destroy someone's life and bankrupt them and threatened with prison I don't see why it's okay to do it to Mike Flynn who actually got a legitimate function in right talking with his Russian counterpart but not to use against Murphy who's actually got some pretty problematic attachments with the Iranian regime and sent me water his problematic attachments he'd like to speak it the group then Nyack the national Iranian American council which is forty funded by Iranian regime leaders and started by so we can sell and it was very supportive of the Iranian regime and he was very upset you might remember when senator Tom cotton wrote a public open letter nothing secretive about it at all to the leaders of the other lines encouraging them not to do the G. C. P. O. a with with a bomb and reminding them that you know if it weren't ratified by the Senate with people work much he was so upset about that so they just it's very interesting what Murphy gets upset about and when he does

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