LeBron's Lakers enjoy a big weekend, Coronavirus gets real - burst 07

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Of your ears right now. He was in Brooklyn the other night and the next day. Kenny Atkinson is fired. I I'm just putting two and two together here. Mr Gregg Popovich Michael We had an email and a listener. I forget his name but he accused you of using illicit drugs. When it came to your Steph Curry Opinion I. I don't know if I want to say exactly which drugs because this is obviously a drug free school zone on this podcast But now I'm curious man like what is happening with you right now are you. Okay are you good? Is this corona virus. Fear getting to your mind a little bit like this. Some coach coach. Km Popovich are going to coach the nets. Okay we are. We sure that's even going to be a top five job this summer. You don't think there'll be a top five job. No I mean I. I've been so out on the nets for more than you know basically a year now. I mean really for the whole decade. Frankly but I think that there is a lot of real challenges there and I could understand. Why a guy like Tyler? Who's got an established relationship with? Kyrie irving understand the deal of dealing with him. has spent a lot of time around superstar level. Players has won under massive scrutiny. Before like I could talk myself into a tie Lou. I could even see why you know. Somehow Mark Jackson would get back into the NBA coaching game because of friendships and relationships with Kevin Durant camp. But if you're

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