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Apocalyptic lifting buckle. That's weird. I wonder if it was like this. If this is what it was like to live during the Great Depression like you know you're part of something. Cataclysmic the bubonic plague or something. Like I know that twitter was a total mess. Bubonic really appeal just kept tweeting hoaxes. And they'll get they'd be like yeah. It was caused. There's a lot of mask. Fashion opinions being bandied around the frustrating time. But but yeah no. It's it's it's wild times. Then it's I bet if you went back and listen to like the past few weeks of the gradual deterioration and how quickly everything moved from like all right This is the thing I'd like to shout out my past self dismissively telling you Jason that this wasn't a pandemic that was something I remember saying. You really say that it that it was not yet a pandemic that was fan. But Jason was right in that prediction but it wasn't official predictions who even cares not necessarily playing final fantasy six. Just yet yeah. None of US predicted that That that would have been a good one. We have at the time. I think we I found out the Wuhan market virus up there. In late December gaming prediction. We could have predicted that it would impact gaming in some way that would have been very precious to us. Prediction I feel like the moral of this is think bigger next year. Well next year when we're making our predictions there will be no more video games. So it'll be playing with wooden dice on Sundial in the middle beautiful going to be great game scrape gaming before we get started just just a warning that there's a baby in my apartment so if you hear if. Y'All hear screaming and crying is not mean this time. It is my child. If it is Jason will let you now. Thanks to shout out to all the people who are somehow working remotely like with their spouses and also taking care of kids because it is impossible like like. I can't even imagine like I feel like it's easier for me with a five and a half month. Bolted can't walk than it would be for me toddlers like. I can't understand how people are going to potentially do that for months. It just seems impossible to me and who knows what's going to happen Uh sorry and events if I lose my voice because I feel something coming in my throat and it's probably the virus you're going to be fine fine just Just maintain social this lump lump in my throat. Talk come over to either of our states and you'll be fine. I'll do my best all right. Let's talk some video games. We're playing and try to distract ourselves from the world. Mattie whining oh I okay. Although the video game I'm playing is in no way a distraction from the world. I was going to play some more persona five this week but I I actually like have been losing it being inside for too long so I've been going on a lot of walks and not playing that many video games. We'll see how long that lasts. But I did carve out some time to play episode three of Kentucky Route Zero. And I'll summarize this game again because I I've been playing in chunks and maybe this is your first time hearing about it so this is an episode of game that came out several years ago. It's about the two thousand eight financial recession among other things. It's sort of like a series of poetic vignettes about living in America during that time period being a working class person. But it's also supernatural and episode three. I've been trying not to spoil his game but it's kind of unspoiled anyway because it's so it's so much like reading a poem that you just kind of experience it and let Spooky thing wash over you. And there's not a plot really. There's sort of some broad strokes of a plot. But it's more just moutainous. And you're experiencing the weirdness of living in this uncertain time so that that doesn't sound at all relevant to our earnings yeah. I love living in an uncertain. I guess I should also say that sometimes when I'm feeling very anxious l. sort of vacillate between wanting to escape from it and wanting to fully experience those feelings. That's normal and I I. Yeah I think it's very normal and I was feeling like I wanted to feel those feelings in this game. I actually really recommend for that. It's very beautifully written and intense and sad but if you want to go ahead and feel those feelings I think Kentucky eight zero is a is a beautiful way to do that. So episode three There are little vignettes between each episode as well and the episodes suvs are like an hour to three hours depending on what you do and how many people you want to talk to and the Vignette for episode three right before it is directly related to the episode. It's in a bar and the bar is deeply in debt. And it's sort of been leveraging that debt against some type of force that eventually realizes a supernatural force and the game. Does this a lot like it presents? Capitalism is this sort of specter that you have to fight against but it's impossible and I just I don't know I really like the way the game presents it that way. It's it's really hitting the spot right now. I guess I'll put it that way and the rest of episode three kind of gets into that and you you learn more about the bar and like the distillery where this mysterious supernatural whiskey is being produced and just the idea of debt and being in debt and fighting. It never being able to get out anyway. Is that the Vignette. That's a play. No although the whole game is kind of play like to play the next one. I'll let you know next week. What China remember. The last thing I saw was vignette where it's like you're watching a stage show and you turn around there's the audience and then turn back around and it's it's at a bar might be the same thing that I'm thinking of the same thing. It's funny how we're all this. This game is so dreamlike that I'm always like kind of remember this dream I had. Is that Jonathan musical sequence where the stage performance has incredible so great. Yeah so that's in the actual episode where you go to the bar. That's from vignette minutes much. It's it's later that same day. All right I'm sorry if I put it together that it's the same bar and you're like okay. These are the same people. And then you like watch a musical performance at the bar. But I don't know it's it's wild. It's a wild game. That's one thing about this game is there's I feel like maybe in every episode. Haven't finished it so I haven't played every episode but I feel like in every episode. There's at least one musical moment where a song plays or someone and thinking of. I think it's in the first episode. Where just this singer? It's like this kind of folk song like a Bluegrass Song with a woman singing and they kind of appear in the foreground and they just sing for a little while. Yeah I feel like that game has really cool musical exactly needle drops but they're kind of these musical performances that will happen in the middle of the game and that musical sequence you can choose which lyrics the singer is going to sing. I didn't look it up and see if you can actually change it but I assume you can because you just select them and then the game nose to spin off that particular verse next and presumably. The song is different for release. The lyrics are different for each person who plays the game in selects. Whatever they select I duNNo. I thought that was really cool because I selected the lyrics and I was like I guess. I'm going to imagine what it's like if someone's things these lyrics that are definitely not going to be Sung in this game and then they like vocal track. Come in and she sings them and I was like what so I Gotta? I gotTA finish that game. I'm going to get back to it. Yeah it's pretty heavy player right now but it's also kind of amazing to play right now. I'm drawn to it. For the same reason you're describing. I could use a little bit of that. I think it's an interesting approach. I'm playing a game. That is completely opposite and escape from everything. That's good too and I think I might be talking about this game for the next four weeks on this show because it's fine it's fine just replaying persona five. I just finished the second dungeon. I didn't really think we're.

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