Baldo Looks Like Zelda Meets Ghibli... and We're Here For It


We actually finally got an intendo direct. This week it was up into world showcase so we got to learn about a bunch of different games. I just wanted to start with asking. What's everyone looking forward to who sign? Brian obviously has one type super excited. The name Baldo. You never so rude as unbelievably rude. That's fair you know. I keep up that attitude. Maybe you'll be excited for one day to parents. Although I am. Do you make your all excited for Baldo? I think one day Baldo will come for us all but yeah I this to me was the highlight. This game to me was the standout of the direct. Apparently this has been known quantity for about a year but I just completely missed the boat on this last. So last year I think someone on facebook took ITN's trailer and shared it and that bootleg trailer did millions of us. Yeah so we have a a pseudo preview from John Ryan last from last year may twenty eighth where he talks about You know just the gameplay trailer this is the same trailer that ran in the direct yesterday. But the the thing that struck me about it it's like this looks like a level. Five Game Jimmy. It looks like something straight out of. Ghibli like the cats with these giant cauldrons. And there's like big robot dudes and I you know the the game plates me. Obviously we don't really know a ton about it but it looked like old school Zelda. You know it kind of reminded me a little bit of yes remember. Hob that game. Ha Yeah Yeah. It kind of looked like the style where you're looking at a kind of an isometric view and solving puzzles minimal combat petting dogs meeting interesting characters and honestly that game looks gorgeous. It's same sort of Cel. Shaded Watercolor style of the studio Ghibli film in like. Yeah that was the one to me that like popped out and and really stuck with me. I tweeted about it yesterday but like this game is coming in the summer and I can't wait like it looks. The developers specifically said they wanted to marry their favorites action adventure. Rpg Zelda like games with their favorite Famous Japanese animation which can only be studio Ghibli and they wanted to make a game that had both aspects together. I think from what looks looks like believe that I mean we have to play it to know for sure that they've captured the charm in the enemy shit and the gameplay that they were going for but it looks great.

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