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MLS extends season suspension in accordance with CDC guidance on COVID-19



Some big news for major league soccer. His just came down. It is eleven thirteen. Am Eastern on March nineteenth Thursday? In case you're having trouble as I am figuring out what day of the week it is at all times major league. Soccer has announced that his extending the suspension of all matches with a targeted return of May ten that is in accordance with Sunday's giants from the CDC The for Disease Control and Prevention to cancel all mass gatherings of fifty or more people for the next eight weeks analyst says it remains intent on completing the full twenty twenty season schedule. So that's thirty two games. You've already gone through week. To of course we got a little bit of a taste. We'll see how that all shakes out but we have until may tenth at this moment to wait until the season resumes at. Let's all be honest. We don't really

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MLS extends season suspension in accordance with CDC guidance on COVID-19

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