The Future of Travels Post Covid-19 Lockdown - burst 2


To Abu Dhabi on this flight you will be required to wear your face mascots at all times hundred size are provided for you in the seat in front of you in this slide. You might not that day is fifty twin. You on the passenger beside you please. These seats is not to be occupied as we intend to maintain social distance at all times throughout its flights. Is You need to call for sneeze into your elbow and if you are feeling ill or need any kind of assistance kindly contact any of a flight attendants thank you what you might hear in the future when these kupuna virus lockdowns are probably and flights might actually stats so you might be wondering what will happen now will be after virus. Gouze in quotes. Well on this podcast by Africa Business Review and be RV films. I will be saying what might happen when this virus pandemic as we know it might have reduced significantly on restrictions on travel on other movements are lifted. Stay and listen right here and right now Africa Business Radio too. It's a profitable Africa so a lot of countries in the world right now on lockdown and everybody's those full so full of anxiety sets and see what's going to happen forward welcome virus unfortunately any way for the foreseeable future and that is what scientists have predicted so unless we develop immunity. Nobody's short if human beings completely developed complete unity to having virus. We've seen some cases whereby person recover from BORNA virus contracted again. We don't know even if vaccine is going to be fixing it because there are various streams vaccine is now on that wing testing. But we do not know about this efficacy yet so it was able future. Whatever is going to be secure in our societies. Also he's telling to open to scientists to function now. What what are the places? Are the things that are going to be opened? Gradually I believe that hospitals already open but things like this is like banks places like markets. We need to be opened and they need to be open with setting kinds of provisos right now. In countries that are gradually being reopened. Everyone is required to wear face masks wherever they go. And this will prevent the spread and also shot this time. It's still maintain so that sets off the booby allowed into establishments time so such measures need to be taken into consideration. So what do flights be like? No one knew when he's short as three. New International flight is still on lockdown and restrict head but these are the measures that are probably doing to police for a long time after corona virus lockdown has been lifted because the economies are suffering. People are suffering mental health breakdowns. There's an increase in domestic violence. There's an increase in conflict with Dean communities and so this issue needs to be sorted out in terms of how soon can open now for specific in Nigeria. When the lockdown going to be lifted? Nobody knows but we just hope that measures are taken the federal government that the cough time slots as soon as possible. How Great Day. This has been a public health collaboration between Africa Business Radio.

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