Pentagon confirms 3 videos showing 'unidentified aerial phenomena'


Earlier this week the Pentagon officially declassified three separate videos that show unidentified aerial phenomenon otherwise known as UFOs yeah or in this case you A. peas yes thank you so is not stand for unidentified aerial phenomena got to change it I don't know what I know right everything that we've ever known in our whole lives is now I gotta say different A. P. I don't wanna say you A. P. yeah I don't I don't do that either now the videos were leaked to media outlets back in two thousand seven and again in twenty seventeen are in black and white the real grainy so it's you know it's hard to see but the Pentagon has for some reason felt compelled to substantiate the authenticity of them since they were already out there yeah to the media we know what it is we know so and by the way these are like it according to The New York Times was a clip from two thousand four that was filmed by two navy fighter pilots and it shows this round objects are hovering above the water hundred miles out into the Pacific and and then two other videos from the twenty fifteen show these objects moving through the air and one of on the pilot you can hear the pilots saying look at that thing dude it's rotating my god can you imagine the stuff they have seen I can imagine their conversation at the dinner table that night just like you guys yeah and then he continued because my gosh they're all going against the wind the winds a hundred twenty knots out of the west hi can you even it's crazy I mean you have photos man UFOs happening yeah so one of the pilots who witnessed the two thousand and four incident spoke to the media in twenty seventeen about what he saw and he said and I quote as I got close to it it rapidly accelerated to the south and disappeared in less than two seconds while our this was extremely abrupt like a ping pong ball bouncing off the wall it would hit and go the other way and the Pentagon isn't saying if there's more to come right now but I mean the fact that they have actually come out and said yeah this is legit these are legitimately unidentified aerial phenomena

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