Remember this Apple Car? Porsche’s early race replica up for sale at $500K

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You've got Four hundred ninety nine thousand dollars laying around. You can have a replica apple themed race car. It's the original apple sponsored Porsche and had a brief racing career in one thousand nine hundred eighty S. So if you've got If you're an apple fan Four hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars it's available someone's going to buy it. Some silicon valley person nerds out on apple stuff. We'll have this in their garage. A no doubt is it street. Legal let me see here so nineteen. It's a replica of a nineteen seventy-nine Porsche. Nine three five key three and The version listen on sale on two point Dupont. Registry is not the original car O which is owned by Adam Corolla and worth in the ten million range according to the two thousand sixteen profile of its brief racing career Apple. Co-founder Steve Jobs was a fan. The idea of re company doing race car so a eating at the history on this save you wanted. But that's interesting I do remember Adam Corolla owning the original but That was Kinda the back in the cobwebs of my brain somewhere.

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