100-year-old veteran is showered in military honors after raising $37 million for the NHS


What kind of guy gets a Spitfire and hurricane flight divers a birthday card from the queen I speak for the end of message from the prime minister we wish you a very happy one hundredth birthday red handed I like captain Tom Moore can I be one of the first to wish you a happy hundred birthday thank you very much very kind of you is it a hundred and twenty five thousand birthday cards this year how many did you get last year remember no but maybe five or six was not a lot's changed since captain Tom unwittingly stepped onto the world stage a few weeks ago raise a bit of money and support for overwhelmed healthcare workers dealing with the horrors of coronavirus Lil loser good go off of the back because they're all working so hard on this you're gonna continue to roll up and pushing themselves into mortal danger day off Tuesday we could all use a hero the captain times daughter Hannah believes her father stepped up to just the right time with the message of hope and it's the message that we are all United States and it is the message that it doesn't take one generation we're all in it together along the way the now one hundred year old World War two veteran on a mission had found new friends in high places it's a one man on raising machine and got results final since he help to raise maybe twelve hundred dollars it has soared to more than thirty

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